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SATURDAY, MARCH 3, 2018 THE N'WEST IOWA REVIEW/SHELDON, IA E16 KRISTI ROBINSON SHELDON Executive director for Love INC of Greater O’Brien County based in Sheldon BY JOE FISHER JFISHER@NWESTIOWA.COM SHELDON—Kristi Robinson has always had a heart for people. In September 2013 she became the executive director of Love In the Name of Christ of Greater O’Brien County, or Love INC. She volunteered with the organization for four years prior. Now she is in the perfect position to help others. “I’ve kind of always sought out the underdog to encourage,” Robinson said. “There are so many needs in O’Brien County that I wasn’t aware of until I started at this position. Not just people needing financial help, but people needing to be encouraged or told that they were worth something.” Originally from Worthington, MN, Robinson moved to Sheldon with her husband, Dan, about 16 years ago. She said her first experience with Love INC was participating in one of its ministries, transitional housing. AT A GLANCE: Age: 37 Education: Associate of arts degree from Minnesota West Community & Technical College in Worthington, MN, in 2001; bachelor of science degree in business administration and human resources management from Colorado Technical University in Sioux Falls, SD, in 2002. Experience: Worked at Northwest Iowa Community College, 2006-08; worked at Bethany Christian Services, 2008-09; executive director for Love INC of Greater O’Brien County since September 2013. Family: Husband, Dan; children, Ben, 14; Noah, 12; Hallie, 8. Interests: Crossword puzzles, playing piano, watching her children’s activities. “I was a mentor to the family that was living in the house for about a year,” she said. One of her first undertakings as executive director was redesigning the organization’s website. “One of the things I am passionate about is the idea of constantly trying to improve our services to the people that we serve,” Robinson said. “Listening to our clients, listening to our volunteers and hearing what’s working — what would create more dignity in the process that we go through.” She has been involved with the development and execution of many services. She helped create a poverty simulation that brings awareness to poverty in the area. It is used as a training tool for volunteers, churches and other community agencies. In April, Love INC will offer its first classes for Spanish speakers. “All of our classes for the last 13 years have been in English,” Robinson said. “We want to better serve the Spanish-speaking population.” Even with the improvements made to the services of Love INC, Robinson is still thinking of ways to keep growing. “I’m kind of a dreamer so I don’t know that we’ll ever reach where I’d exactly dream we would be,” she said. “But we have some exciting things coming up.” Along with the gratification PHOTO BY JOE FISHER of helping others, she enjoys doing so next to the people she works with. “The people who work here and volunteer here are the most incredible people with big hearts who love what they do,” she said. “It’s really easy to work alongside people who are so passionate about the same things I’m passionate about.” Congratulations to Nicole Rozeboom - recipient of the 2018 20 Under 40 Award WE ARE 950 N Main Ave · Sioux Center, IA 712-722-2243 · Mandy OF AND ALL SHE DOES TO HELP MAKE FRED’S A SUCCESS! We are CONGRATULATIONS ON BEING AWARDED NORTHWEST IOWA’S 20 UNDER 40 MANDY! of Jeremy Koopmans on being awarded one of the recipients of N’West Iowa’s 20 Under 40 DUSTAR TRUCK & TRAILER WASHOUT 4955 Eagle Ave., Ireton, IA 712-278-2549 Official GeoPro Dealer FOR N’WEST IOWA LICENSED & INSURED IN THE STATE OF IOWA, MINNESOTA AND SOUTH DAKOTA 106 MAIN STREET HOSPERS, IA 113 CROSSROADS DRIVE, SHELDON, IA PHONE 712-752-8525

SATURDAY, MARCH 3, 2018 THE N'WEST IOWA REVIEW/SHELDON, IA E17 KYLE ROZEBOOM ROCK VALLEY Assistant manager at Farmers Lumber Co. in Rock Valley AT A GLANCE: Age: 38 Education: Graduated from Western Christian High School in Hull in 1998. Experience: Yard worker at Farmers Lumber Co., 1996-98; worker for Vande Hoef Construction in Rock Valley, 1998- 2000; assistant manager at Farmers Lumber Co., since 2000. Family: Wife, Rebekah; children, Faith, 16; Tytan, 10; Nevaeh, 6. Interests: Family, farming, things that have four wheels. BY JOE FISHER JFISHER@NWESTIOWA.COM ROCK VALLEY—Kyle Rozeboom has some big projects on his hands, but he stays driven by the little successes. The 38-year-old is in his 18th year at Farmers Lumber Co. in Rock Valley where he is an assistant manager. He originally had a two-year stint with the business beginning when he was 16. After graduating high school, he worked for Vande Hoef Construction before returning to Farmers Lumber Co. in 2000. His father, Herman Rozeboom, described him as the “go-to guy” for projects. Drawing house plans and helping customers are some of his favorite parts of the job. On his filing cabinet he displays a greeting card he received from a couple whose house he helped design. “I worked with this couple a lot. They were really appreciative,” he said. “When you see a finished product like that, it’s all worth the time to help them.” Many of his designs are done using a computer program called SoftPlan. He said he has learned the program on the go. “I guess it’s just like any kid with a new electronic. You start playing with it and pretty soon you just learn,” Rozeboom said. “I wish I had more time to concentrate on it.” He is working on the plans for a 42-unit assisted-living building that is slated be built in Rock Valley. Rozeboom said commercial buildings are some of the most challenging projects. “It’s a different field of products. There’s a lot of structural detail,” he said. “The commercial stuff is just more uncommon things.” During his time at Farmers Lumber Co. he has seen the industry continue to evolve. “Trying to pick out stuff for a house is very difficult. There’s a lot of stuff to choose and as time goes on, there’s more options,” Rozeboom said. He said the time he has spent designing plans and calculating material estimates has made him look at a building differently when he walks through the door. “I’ve done a lot of touring places and looking at room sizes, so you can kind of get a feel for what’s a good room size for this or that,” Rozeboom said. “You kind of look at it and PHOTO BY JOE FISHER you’re like, ‘Wow, I wonder how much that costs.’” He has seen Farmers Lumber Co. grow during his 18 years there. Rozeboom hopes to see the business remain stead for years to come. “I hope it just keeps going good. That’s good enough for me,” he said. PHOTO BYLANA BRADSTREAM NICOLE ROZEBOOM CARMEL Owner of B Fierce Boutique in Hull BY LANA BRADSTREAM LBRADSTREAM@NWESTIOWA.COM HULL—Business is booming for Nicole Rozeboom, owner of B Fierce Boutique in Hull. She moved the business from a small shop on Main Street to a larger building on Highway 18, giving B Fierce far more exposure. “It has been incredible,” Rozeboom said. “We are open Tuesday through Saturday. We were only open Thursday through Saturday in the other spot. The highway traffic alone and the repeat customers have been incredible.” Many steps were taken from the inception of B Fierce to the success Rozeboom is experiencing now. The business began two years ago as a pop-up boutique. Rozeboom would travel to people’s homes, and take clothing orders at boutique parties. “I knew I always wanted to own a business,” she said. “I always enjoyed shopping and the clothing industry. I always felt I had an entrepreneur spirit. I just had to find the right place and take the leap.” Customers loved the products she was providing so much that she opened a 1,200-square-foot shop in downtown Hull. Rozeboom would buy small quantities of a large variety of clothing, shoes and accessories, trying a little bit here and there to find out what the taste of the community was. Soon, the demand for the clothes, accessories and home decor of B Fierce outgrew the small store. So, in October, Rozeboom purchased the 3,000-square-foot Highway 18 location, with a goal of opening before Christmas. Since the building sat empty for four years, it was not an easy target to meet, but Rozeboom pulled it off five days prior. “We pushed hard to get in here before Christmas,” she said. “We renovated every square inch. There was not anything that was not replaced, cleaned or painted.” Rozeboom said everything was taken out, including a grand staircase that greeted people walking through the door. New flooring was made, and walls were redone. Dressing rooms were built as well as rooms for storage and for her screen printing business, 712 Custom Designs Screenprint. Even though a new location was bought and extensive renovation done, AT A GLANCE: Age: 36 Education: Business administration and marketing degree from Southeast Technical Institute in Sioux Falls, SD, in 2002. Experience: Marketing director for The Foreign Candy Company in Hull, 2013-17; owner of B Fierce Boutique in Hull since 2015. Family: Husband, Brian; children, Sawyer, 12; Addison, 11; Brody, 5. Interests: Going for walks, camping with family, boating. and 10 employees now work at B Fierce, the owner said she will maintain reasonable prices. Rozeboom said no matter the budget or size, the boutique will have something that fits. In terms of comparison to wellknown, national stores, she would compare B Fierce to Kohl’s when it comes to price and variety. Outside of trendy clothing and accessories, Rozeboom makes her presence known through participating in a number of activities within Hull. She helps plans the annual vendor fairs at both Summerfest and Winterfest.