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SATURDAY, MARCH 3, 2018 THE N'WEST IOWA REVIEW/SHELDON, IA E8 TAYLOR HIBBING SIBLEY Owner and operator of Midwest Fuel Polishing & Tank Cleaning in Sibley BY MARK MAHONEY MMAHONEY@NWESTIOWA.COM SIBLEY—Taylor Hibbing is fueled to find a solution for any situation that needs one. The Sibley man is the owner and operator of Midwest Fuel Polishing & Tank Cleaning. He wants his new business, which he started in April, to be the region’s complete fuel tank maintenance solution. The fuel polishing part of his company filters and polishes fuel, removing water and other contaminants, and restores fuel to a fresh quality, allowing for better performance. “It’s a unique business, especially for around here if people have never heard of it before,” Hibbing said. “The first priority of fuel polishing is, it takes fuel that’s aged — it has kind of a varnished look to it — and basically what it does is run it through a series of filters and bring it down to one micron. “Fuel polishing is getting that fuel reinvigorated basically and making it fresh again — getting rid of the old residue and just putting fresh fuel back in,” he said. “It’s like dialysis for fuel. That’s really what it is. You don’t lose any fuel at all.” Unwelcome particles found in the fuels of today — biodiesel, diesel, ethanol and gasoline — are measured in microns, which are units of linear measure in the metric system that are utilized to measure distance from one point to another. “A human hair is 80 microns,” Hibbing said. “We’re cleaning down to one micron, but we can do one, five or 10 microns, just kind of depending on the situation.” His company also cleans fuel storage tanks — such as on farms and at gas stations — as small as 30 gallons to as large as 30,000 gallons. “I can do tractor tanks, combine tanks, truck tanks,” he said. “I take samples before and after. That kind of gives you a visual.” He was working as a certified energy specialist for Cenex and Cooperative Energy Co. in Sibley 2014-16 when he realized there was a need for a company like Midwest Fuel Polishing & Tank Cleaning in the region. “I was running around and talking to customers all of the time, and customers were having an issue,” Hibbing said. “They were like, ‘I don’t want to pull the plug on my tank. I want somebody to come in here and clean it.’ “There are companies out there that do that, but their main focus is gas stations and big commercial operations,” he said. “They’ve got a little bit different equipment C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S Karissa!We are so proud of you. AT A GLANCE: Age: 30 Education: Bachelor degrees in ag business and ag systems technology from South Dakota State University in Brookings in 2011. Experience: Sales representative at Jaycox Implement Inc. in Worthington, MN, 2011-14; certified energy specialist for Cenex and Cooperative Energy Co. in Sibley, 2014-16; has owned Hibbing Lawn Care & Landscaping in Sibley since 2000; has co-owned Midwest Mowers & Accessories in Sibley since 2014; has owned Midwest Fuel Polishing & Tank Cleaning in Sibley since April. Family: Wife, Heather. Interests: Snowmobiling, tinkering with machines with small engines, helping out on family farm near Paullina. than I have. Mine kind of does it all, but they have big equipment to do these big places — 30,000-, 40,000-gallon tanks. “There’s a demand for it in the area, but it has to be affordable,” Hibbing said, noting that there was nobody in the region that offered such services. PHOTO BY MARK MAHONEY 2861 Pierce Ave Sanborn, Iowa 51248 712-729-3301 We would like to for his service to the Andrew Hoogeveen Orange City community C O N G R A T U L A T E 580 3rd Street NW | Sioux Center, IA Phone 712.722.0023 |

SATURDAY, MARCH 3, 2018 THE N'WEST IOWA REVIEW/SHELDON, IA E9 KELLI HOOGERS ROCK RAPIDS Home-school manager at Glynlyon Inc. and Alpha Omega Publications in Rock Rapids BY JOE FISHER JFISHER@NWESTIOWA.COM ROCK RAPIDS—“Life is short, work somewhere awesome.” That is the phrase Kelli Hoogers keeps on her marker board in her office. She has worn many hats within Glynlyon Inc. and Alpha Omega Publications since November 2005. The 36­year­old has been the home­school manager since 2016. Prior to her current position, she was a division lead, team lead, general manager and systems coordinator. Hoogers’ team communicates with families who are home schooling or considering the option and helps them find the appropriate curriculum. “Usually, there is some need that’s behind the motivation to make a change,” Hoogers said. “So we want to make sure we ask a lot of questions and find out some of the reasons that are motivating them so we go down the right path.” One of her greatest joys is AT A GLANCE: Age: 36 Education: Bachelor of science in elementary education with an early childhood endorsement from Minot State University in North Dakota in 2003. Experience: Representative, lead, department head, administrative assistant, general manager, customer service manager, systems coordinator, business analyst, sales manager and home-school manager with Glynlyon Inc. and Alpha Omega Publications since 2005. Family: Husband, Allen; children, Nella, 9; Connor, 6. Interest: Camping. knowing she is helping families that need alternatives to public or private education. “I definitely feel a passion for working here and working with the families,” Hoogers said. “You hear these heartbreaking stories about what some of these kids are going through. These families are so appreciative for the curriculum that we provide. That’s what keeps me excited to come to work everyday.” She sees home schooling growing as an option for families, and online curriculum plays a part in its growth. “Home schooling is growing because of what the needs are,” Hoogers said. “More families are looking for some of those computer­based options. Maintaining that quality education is the ultimate goal.” Due to her experience with various divisions of the company, she became systems coordinator to help with a computer system change. “We transitioned some of our computer systems, so we needed somebody who knew all of the divisions,” Hoogers said. “I took on that role as systems coordinator to help prioritize what things we needed to be successful. That’s something I feel is an extra little baby on the side that you want to nurture and take care of.” During her years at Glynlyon she has welcomed both of her children. PHOTO BY JOE FISHER “Part of what has kept me here is the family environment,” she said. “Just being able to know that your home family is important too means a lot. I feel very blessed to have gone on the journey that I have. A lot of that is a tribute to the people that are around us.” Congratulations Nicole Rozeboom on being chosen 20 Under 40! Congratulations for being chosen as one of the 20 under 40 recipients in 2018! A job well done. Thank you for all your hard work. Farmers Lumber Co. Hwy. 18 • Rock Valley, IA • 712.476.5362 Monday-Friday 7-5 • Saturday 7-noon You’re a wonderful part of our community and we look forward to many years of success with you! We’re here to help you grow Member FDIC 1601 S Main Avenue • Sioux Center, IA 51250 (712) 722-4545 • to Mandy Boersma of Fred’s Plumbing & Heating on being awarded Northwest Iowa’s 20 Under 40 Allen J. Willett 210 10th St. • Alton, IA 51003-0160 712.756.4083