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Green City Growers - Your Farm, Anywhere.


GREEN CITY GROWERS’ PRODUCTS GCG provides the systems, tools and skills necessary to grow produce, anywhere. We offer a wide variety of products, maintenance services, and educational and engagement programs to help you create vibrant, productive spaces at work or at home. DESIGN AND CONSULTATION GCG has the in-house expertise to advise on agricultural projects at any scale using our both own products and services and emergent technologies in any geographical area. Previous clients have included property development firms, architects, landscape design and construction firms in both the public and private sector.

GREEN CITY GROWERS’ MAINTENANCE SERVICES HIGH YIELD & VARIETY GCG’s farming techniques are applied to everything from small container sites to large outdoor sites, with a focus on crops that thrive in the local climate and succession planting to produce high quality yields per sq ft. Our standard maintenance plans include all organic plants and seeds, crop protection and fertility products, and relevant horticultural materials. Farmers typically harvest for you and always send a post-visit summary. GCG maintains over 170 farms and gardens for clients including: Private Homeowners Real Estate Developers Property Management firms Corporate Campuses Senior Living Facilities Food Service Retailers and Restaurants Public and private schools Sports venues HOW WE GROW GCG uses only organic, OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) approved products for fertility and pest management at all farming sites, with a preventative farming method that is rooted in optimizing plant health before introducing any products. This organic crop protection program uses diverse approaches to controlling insects and disease to ensure limited impact on non-target species (eg. honeybees), while promoting crop fitness. GCG also provides a trained and certified in-house food safety representative with project oversight (GAP, ServSafe & FSMA) to support and ensure high standards are consistently met, whether for on-site food production or any other use of your crop. “What’s made the garden so great for us is that the farmers are there to do it all, and we can engage with whatever free time we have available, which suits our business. It’s made us think more carefully about our menu planning, and our staff are always excited to see what’s coming out of the garden each week.” —GCG Restaurant client GCG uses all organic methods and products for fertility and pest management. Our method is rooted in prevention and optimizing plant health before introducing any products.

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