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PROGRAMMING AND ENGAGEMENT CORPORATE WELLNESS Our corporate garden education program engages employees in the process of growing produce, empowering them to eat healthier and apply their newly found skills learned at work at home and in their communities. The produce grown can be donated to food rescue partners, distributed among the volunteers, incorporated into the company cafe/cafeteria, or any combination of the three. PROPERTY MANAGEMENT GCG garden and farm spaces offer property tenants and residents an opportunity to grow and harvest a bountiful selection of organic produce on-site, providing an eco-minded amenity and a living example of your property’s committment to sustainability. Programming and engagement can be built into existing events calendar to best suit the needs of your constituents, and can be designed to engage any age group. SENIOR LIVING Create a vibrant community garden for your elder care or healthcare facility with help from GCG’s professional team of Farmers, dedicated to cultivating excitement around growing food and a healthy lifestyle. During weekly or bi-weekly visits from our Farmers, participants learn the skills and knowledge needed to have a successful vegetable garden. We recommend that senior living communities install adaptive raised beds of varying heights, to allow for easier access COURSES, WORKSHOPS AND SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS Whether new to urban farming/gardening or a seasoned pro, GCG’s team of professionals have a wealth of knowledge to share, gathered from years of experience in the field. GCG is happy to lead community-based workshops, contribute to courses, and speak at events of any scale!

FOR ALL AGES “It’s great to have the opportunity to come outside and spend an hour each week to learn, see new growth, touch dirt, and see the wonder of nature. The experience relaxes me during the day – it’s a must have in every office space.” —GCG Corporate Wellness Programming Participant “Gardening provides older adults (65 and over) with opportunities to reconnect themselves through nature and a healthy activity to enhance their quality of life.” —Aime Sommerfield, Research Author GIVING BACK Many clients with programming and engagement elect to donate a portion, or all, of the produce grown to local food rescue organizations, such as the Bostonbased Lovin’ Spoonfuls.

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