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ON-SITE FOOD PRODUCTION HYPER-LOCAL PRODUCE GCG maintains production-level farms for restaurants, grocers, and food services using only organic methods. Supply your restaurant, cafe or hotel with fresh produce organically grown on site in containers, raised beds or a full roof top farm feet from your establishment’s kitchen. Growing on site ensures quality and a fresh supply of typically high-priced herbs and unavailable heirloom plant varieties. Urban farms and gardens also draw the community, beautify barren spaces, and demonstrate your company’s commitment to sourcing the finest ingredients possible. Season extension technologies enable year-round growing! WHOLE FOODS MARKET’S intensive roof top farm features 4,600 sq ft growing space and an annual yield in 2017 of 6,644 pounds “The produce, flowers and herbs sell as quickly as they are harvested - it doesn’t get any fresher than when it comes right from our own roof.” —Bill Ford, Whole Foods Store Team Leader GCG is proudly working with the Boston Red Sox and Fenway Park to bring Fenway Farms to Red Sox Nation! Installed and launched for opening day of the 2015 season, Fenway Farms provides fresh, organically grown vegetables and fruit to Red Sox fans dining at Fenway Park’s EMC Club restaurant. 34% 2016-2017 YOY YIELD INCREASE AT WHOLE FOODS FENWAY FARMS is a milk crate roof top system with 2,500 sq ft growing space and an annual yield in 2017 of 5,922 pounds

GARDEN EDUCATION YES, WE CAN HAVE CLASS OUTSIDE! Inspire the next generation of environmental stewards by transforming unused space into an outdoor classroom. The GCG garden education program is a youth-driven and interdisciplinary experience incorporating science, language arts, art, math, and social studies into place-based learning. Hands-on garden programming increases the amount and variety of produce consumed by children and supports attentiveness and performance in the classroom. Students of all ages gain an understanding of basic vegetable gardening, having seen the seeds they have sown grow into the food they eat. Students are challenged to think critically about environmental food issues, nutrition, and their own actions, behaviors, and consumption patterns. The program is a fun and engaging environment that increases students’ confidence and ability to make a difference in the world. Local school gardens receive funding through private and corporate grants and sponsorhips - consider supporting your local school! A TYPICAL SCHOOL YEAR SEPTEMBER Garden intros; harvesting summer crops and planting fall crops OCTOBER Weeding, harvesting, pest and fungal management, replanting NOVEMBER Indoor programming begins DECEMBER-JANUARY Indoor lessons on nutrition, food systems, food justice, and more FEBRUARY-MARCH Seed starting for spring crops; indoor lessons on crop mapping/seasonal planning APRIL Spring planting and start of regular outdoor lessons MAY Ongoing harvesting and planting of summer crops; outdoor lessons JUNE Harvest parties; end of school year wrap-up, planting of summer crops 21 10 JULY-AUGUST Basic summer maintenance; summer camp programs and donation to community, administrative and grant planning for following season WEEKLY SCHOOL PROGRAMS AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAMS

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