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Canny Bevvy 243

Issue 243 of Canny Bevvy spring 2018

Answers: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Answers: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. The Old George India Pale Ale/IPA Rigg and Furrow Northumbria University Two by Two 6. Free Trade 7. Hexham 8. The Trent House 9. Early Doors 10. Society of Independent Brewers Canny Bevvy Quiz by Martin Ellis 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Which pub is believed to be the oldest in Newcastle? Which beer style was originally created to be shipped to India? Which brewery is closest to Acklington prison? Which students union is the venue for the Newcastle Beer Festival? Which Wallsend brewery is also a common wood size? Which pub is Tyneside Cider Pub of the Year? Where is the Heart of Northumberland? Which Newcastle is named after a river that flows through Nottinghamshire? Which television comedy was set in The Grapes? What does SIBA stand for? 22 Issue 243 • Spring 2018

BOOK REVIEWS BY MARTIN ELLIS The completely independent guide to Belgian brewing, over 1,000 Belgian beers plus 60 great places to try them. CAMRA’s GOOD BEER GUIDE BELGIUM B E L G IUM TIM WEBB & JOE STANGE EIGHTH EDITION CAMRA’S GOOD BEER GUIDE BELGIUM 8TH EDITION Tim Webb and Joe Strange Paperback. Pre-order price (until 16th April) £9.99 (members), £11.99 (non-members) Retail price (after 16th April) £12.99 (members), £14.99 (non-members) A favourite challenge of pub bores is the banal question, ‘can you name someone famous from Belgium?’ People never ask what if Belgium famous for? If they did, some people might reply chocolate, but I would imagine almost every Canny Bevvy reader would reply beer. First published in 1992, the 8th edition is about to be published. When I visited Bruges last year, I discovered that the book was not only held in high esteem in the UK but was also highly rated in Belgium. The Bruges Beer Museum was keen to get more copies and told me that they considered it to be the best book for anyone visiting Belgium. There has been a huge increase in the number of bars featured, the previous edition had 500 outlets listed, the latest edition lists 800. As you would expect, the book is an encyclopedic guide to Belgium’s breweries, beers and bars. There are 245 breweries included, up from 160 in the 7th edition, the increase is due to many small, local breweries opening over the last few years. It also has a wealth of relevant and useful information for anyone planning a trip to Belgium. A must-have book for anyone visiting Belgium. Issue 243 • Spring 2018 THE GREAT NORTH EAST BREWERY GUIDE Alastair Gilmour Paperback £15.00 Published by the people best known for Cheers magazine, it is written by well- known and award-winning local beer writer Alastair Gilmour. Photographer Peter Skelton’s input is also a key element of the book. The guide features 35 north eastern breweries, ranging from Camerons - established in 1865 - to a number of breweries opened in the last year. The editorial provides background information on how each brewery was set-up, the range of beers produced and a summary of what the brewery is currently doing. With many new breweries opening over the last few years, there are many breweries that I am keen to learn more about. I particularly enjoyed discovering more about the people, behind the beer that I have enjoyed drinking. People of different ages and from different backgrounds have decided to set-up breweries, obviously, they all share a passion for producing high-quality beers. Reading the book, I felt proud of our region’s breweries. This is a book that I will refer to regularly, to check details of breweries. Whilst the internet is great for checking information on beers, it is often difficult to unearth the history behind a beer or a brewery. Every library should have a copy. 23

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