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Canny Bevvy 243

Issue 243 of Canny Bevvy spring 2018

8 Issue

8 Issue 243 • Spring 2018

Dipton Mill Inn Dipton Mill, Hexham The ceilings are low, the furniture obviously dates from a time when people were much shorter than today. There are 2 open fires, built at different times and if you look carefully at the inside of the pub, you may notice that walls aren’t always square and measurements don’t always match. Mark working behind the bar How old is the Dipton Mill Inn? Well, it depends which bit of the pub you are looking at. Some bits are comparatively recent, as they were rebuilt after a fire in the 1950s or 1960s, other bits are Victorian, however, the original building is more than 400 years old. Over the centuries the building was dual purpose, with the occupant recorded as miller/publican. It has also been a family home, the Brooker family moved in nearly 30 years ago and the Dipton Mill Inn is still dual purpose, a pub and a brewery. For many years it has been the brewery tap for Hexhamshire Brewery, it is now also the location of the Hexhamshire Brewery. The Dipton Mill Inn, as you would expect as it is the home of Hexhamshire Brewery – it is close to Hexham, about 5 minutes away by car. Take the road by the Tap & Spile, signposted to the racecourse and lookout for the street marked Dipton Mill Road, follow the road up the hill and back down the next valley. The pub is next to the river and the only building – so you can’t miss it. The small bar stocks the range of Hexhamshire beers and a real cider. The pub also takes pride in stocking high-quality wines, over 20 malt whiskeys and soft drinks from local firm, Fentiman’s. Issue 243 • Spring 2018 Whilst Canny Bevvy readers are primarily interested in beer, the food is the main attraction for many visitors. The food is homecooked, with the menu changing daily. There are traditional dishes such as steak and kidney pie, mince and dumplings, when I visited recently with Canny Bevvy editor Adrian, I had baked haddock with tomato and basil, Adrian chose lamb steak in wine and mustard. We were both very impressed. The Dipton Mill doesn’t have gastro-pub pretensions, the food is of high standard at a reasonable price. The beer garden is a great place to enjoy a few beers in the summer. There are plans to develop a few attractions for children. If you like traditional pubs with great beer, a good food menu with a calm, relaxing ambience – I suggest you head out to the Dipton Mill Inn. Martin Ellis Press & Publicity Officer The Beer Garden 9

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