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Decisio White Paper


CONCLUSION Decisio Health produces a visual surveillance system that is designed to provide bedside decision support to clinicians. This system can be used for a wide variety of clinical tracking purposes. This white paper discussed its use during a recent implementation in an academic medical setting designed to identify the incidence of sepsis, a common infection among hospitalized patients in the United States, and to facilitate rapid treatment. Health of Populations We demonstrated that use of DECISIOInsight ® was significantly positively associated with decreased time to antibiotic administration (p=0.05) as well as the incidence of severe sepsis (p=0.08). Even with less than a year’s worth of data, we observed a significant reduction in mortality from sepsis (p=0.05). Experience of Care As measured by length of stay (LOS), which is a stressful time for patients, we noted a significant reduction (p=0.03, p=0.05) in both overall hospital LOS (22% reduction) and ICU LOS (25%). Cost of Care Our clinical partners calculated an initial cost savings equal to $28.2 million per annum, largely due to a reduction in length of stay. Clinician Experience We’re proud to report that our clinical partners are using DECISIOInsight ® , which is helping them to adhere to the Surviving Sepsis guidelines and to improve the quality of care they provide. This is being done on their terms, according to their own needs and preferences. March 2018 DECISIO | 14

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