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Decisio White Paper

BACKGROUND Sepsis is a

BACKGROUND Sepsis is a life-threatening complication of infection. It occurs as the body releases a cascade of chemicals into the blood in response to an infectious agent. This process triggers an inflammation response, causing lasting and sometimes irreversible changes, including organ damage and failure 2 . Left untreated, sepsis can evolve into more serious conditions including severe sepsis and septic shock. More than 1.5 million people develop sepsis each year in the United States. An unfortunate 250,000 Americans die each year from sepsis 3 . A third of all patients who die in a U.S. hospital have some form of sepsis – making it a common condition among hospitalized patients. Sepsis is hard to diagnose quickly because the developing signs and symptoms can be attributed to many clinical variables. These include temperature above 101F (38.3C) or below 96.8F (36C), heart rate higher than 90 beats per minute, respiration rate above 20 breaths per minute, decreased urine output, abrupt change in mental status, decreased platelet count, difficulty breathing, reduced ejection fraction, and abdominal pain 2,3 . We know that the early identification of sepsis saves lives 4 . The Surviving Sepsis Campaign was developed to reduce mortality from sepsis by building awareness, improving diagnosis, and increasing the use of evidence-based treatment guidelines 4 . The most recent evidence suggests that the rapid implementation of goal-directed therapy reduces morbidity and mortality in patients with sepsis and septic shock 5 . Decisio Health provides a customized, insight-driven application that uses sophisticated algorithms to identify sepsis in hospitalized patients earlier than clinical staff could otherwise detect it. Decisio Health partners with hospitals to implement visual dashboards that alert key personnel regarding a deteriorating patient who may be septic – thereby affording clinicians the opportunity to intervene earlier and save lives. This white paper will use the Quadruple Aim objectives to orient the reader to the results of a recent DECISIOInsight ® implementation where improvements were achieved in: • health of populations • experience of care • cost of care • clinician experience March 2018 DECISIO | 4

SOLUTION DECISIOInsight ® is a clinical surveillance data visualization system. It is an application that, once configured, collects data effortlessly in real time – surveilling every patient continuously. DECISIOInsight ® does this work without any manual data entry on the part of clinicians. DECISIOInsight ® monitors information from disparate information sources like vitals and ancillary monitors, laboratory systems, and medication systems, in addition to the EHR. It compiles information in your hospital’s data center and interprets it right there – in real time. Decisio Health works with your physicians, nurses, and clinicians to understand and interpret data, while implementing your hospital’s protocols and physiological parameters on a unit by unit basis – respecting the workflows and preferences of the clinicians in your facilities. DECISIOInsight ® proactively presents customized displays to the right person at the right time to decrease both the time to intervention and the variability in care. Figure 1. DECISIOInsight ® Dashboard March 2018 DECISIO | 5

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