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Decisio White Paper

implementation (p=0.08).

implementation (p=0.08). We attribute this significant drop to the early detection of sepsis and the early use of the sepsis bundles. Compliance with sepsis bundles helps to prevent a patient from progressing to a more severe form of sepsis. Figure 2. Incidence of Severely Septic Patients Third, Decisio Health is grateful for the opportunity to put DECISIOInsight ® to use because, in its short time in operation in the ICU, it is already saving lives. A 2017 pre-post analysis revealed a significant reduction in mortality among ICU patients with sepsis. Prior to implementation, mortality was 27.9% and post implementation it dropped to 16% (p=0.05). Figure 3. Mortality Rate Among Patients with Sepsis March 2018 DECISIO | 8

EXPERIENCE OF CARE For patients, being in the ICU can be a frightening experience. Even people who enter the ICU without feeling particularly ill report feeling extremely tired and weak. Those who chronicle the experience of being cared for in the ICU describe how quickly muscle wastage and neuropathies occur – rendering even the most basic activities of daily living difficult to perform. People in the ICU may be unable to eat by themselves, brush their teeth, or even communicate with their family and friends. This can be extremely frustrating for previously healthy, high-functioning people. It can lead to sense of isolation with nothing more to do than “watch and stare” at the things going on around them. This, in turn, can lead to depression 10 . The most effective thing we can do is to prevent ICU admissions in the first place. When admissions do occur, we should strive to make them as short as possible. In this way, we return hospitalized patients and their families to environments where they can have more control in their day to day care. We can return them to environments where they can enjoy a better experience of care. A retrospective analysis revealed a 22% reduction in total hospital length of stay (LOS) and a 25% reduction in ICU LOS after the implementation of DECISIOInsight ® . Pre (mean days) Post (mean days) p value Hospital LOS 14.43 11.27 0.03 ICU LOS 8.71 6.71 0.07 Table 1. Changes in LOS We believe that we can improve a patient’s experience of care as we show them the multitude of ways we are investing in technology that is helping to keep them safe and healthy. DECISIOInsight ® is one such technology that silently monitors hospital patients and alerts the care providers early for signs of decompensation due to sepsis and other causes, as well as helps clinicians to be visually aware of their patient care guidelines to promote a high reliability care facility. This directly translates to patient safety. DECISIOInsight ® also engages the patients and their families in their care journey and creates an transparent environment for effective and meaningful communication between the care providers and the patient and their families. This experience also helps alleviate the anxiety, the uncertainty, the helplessness surrounding the families in the critical care environment and that helps the care providers as well. March 2018 DECISIO | 9

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