7 months ago


The Cousin, Elizabeth:

The Cousin, Elizabeth: Hail, little one. You’re full of spirit I can see. Don’t look so stunned – the Lord surprised us in old age. I thought the change had come; instead, and even as we kiss, an infant frolics in my womb. How is it that you’ve come, so full of youth and grace? Surely Adonai has sent you as the handmaid I’ll be needing. Why, even among the women I could see that you are blessed. Come, sit down. You’re looking very pale. We’ll have some bread, a sip of wine and then, you can tell me all the news. I must confess I’ve never been to Nazareth and I only met your mother once, when we were little girls.

Listen to me rambling on like this. My husband’s deaf and hasn’t spoken since - oh, never mind, I’ll stop. I want to hear the angel’s message that you bring. Now tell me, tell me everything. Mary: I told her, told her everything.