9 months ago


Perspective “He’s

Perspective “He’s giving Sue the summer salad plates. Remember them, yellow with a band of grey?” Remember them? Was there ever such a moment in our lives when we had time for dining on a terrace, for being waited on and served sweet lettuce, cool and green, on summer salad plates, yellow with a band of grey? Here, it’s wintertime; the trees stand stark and black above the snow. A young man lost in drugs leans hard against the elm across the street.

Half his face is scarred from birth or burn and now that stunning splash of vivid purple-red becomes my focal point: “Still –life ~Winter Afternoon.” If only I were spring I’d call forth buds and leaves and shade to cover him. I’d bring a willow back to life and fold him in its arms, all green and yellow. Instead, how like that wintered tree I am and only in my thoughts, burnt-orange-amber embers, do I stir hope of season’s change. Indeed it’s fitting, right and just, in light of what I see today, that Sue should have the summer salad plates, yellow with a band of grey.