7 months ago


We lived and breathed

We lived and breathed within a space and time that faceless lovers nurtured just for us. They left their power on a page to tempt us down and in, where turnings brought a change of sex or bred a withered limb. We named ourselves anew, and better still, we felt the chill of being lost, or being orphaned all at once within a single phrase. We rode as knights through English woods, trained dogs on Scottish moors; played marbles once with Jerry Todd and went to Maida’s school. ~ ~ ~

Those foster parents of our souls were mid-wives to our dreams, but then were left in attic trunks or sold for ten cents each. ~ ~ ~ The chairs have long since disappeared, as have those magic years, while we ~ Well, we climbed down from castle walls and closed the fairy bridge. We stood where we were meant to be, and spoke correct theology. But sometimes, every now and then, when sunsets turn to russet red and shadows blur the printed page, I hear again the whistle call we used.

Spring Ezine_02_20