10 months ago


Adam/Autumn An instant

Adam/Autumn An instant burst of Loveliness Like sudden shaft of sun Inside the spray Too swift for arms’ embrace Too anxious to return To source and force Of his primaeval mystery And yet Like camera’s lens We caught and held him Once forever Bright flash And splash That leaps And tumbles To serenity (October, 1981)

“Suffer the Little Children…” Luke 18 v.16 Oklahoma City, 1995 Those soft and tender buds had barely time enough to beckon us toward their becoming before the indolent horizon blew apart, burst with stalagmites of infant bones that pierced the hovering helpless heavens. There were no rams to take their place, no angel arms restraining. The only sound was Rachel weeping. Terror is a land where cities stand like altars waiting, where children sleep like lambs not knowing they’ve been chosen. We surf through scenes that undermine all certainty, searching for our innocence instead of their forgiveness.