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Introduction The title of this volume is taken from a phrase in a poem by Francis Thompson – “The Hound of Heaven.” It somehow and for some reason has become for me an image of my journey through life. If nothing else by way of understanding its meaning, the title reveals that I dwell most of the time in the land of Imagination. The poetry and ruminations have been gathered from notebooks, correspondence and, literally, from bits and pieces of paper that I continue to come across. I confess to a life-long habit of “deleting” after finding the language that expresses my inner landscape at the time; the need to share the words I’ve written has rarely been felt or filled down through the years. In this collection one archetypal figure is featured at some length; indeed, I have dared to give voice to her thoughts and emotions. She has more metaphorical titles than any other person in Christian culture; the most commonly used is Virgin Mother: I call her Mary. I have picked up her story at the moment of Annunciation and closed it some weeks after the Crucifixion; we celebrate that day as Pentecost. All of that Marian poetry, as it might be called, was composed well over twenty years ago. I have resisted the temptation to bring the language I have used in them and in some of the other writings up-to date to match my own developing theology and feminist hermeneutics. In this text the language appears as originally written.