7 months ago


In the Beginning

In the Beginning (Genesis Chapter 3) We had been friends from way back. She taught me language on the sly, how to pretend we needed help, and how to wear the power of our sex inside. Her man-mate never saw much point in dialogue. You’ll notice that they gave him just one line, the old familiar whine that put the blame on her when things went wrong. She’d roll her eyes at me and fix him something good to eat. That’s when they thought of the apple.

It hasn’t done me any good to be type-cast as villain. My credits scare the angels off, although the critics love me. No one’s ever seen the play from my perspective. What’s wrong with being shrewd and why was I changed to a he-snake in the script? I played my part just as it was written. And yet I’m cursed in the cool evening scene when you-know-who begins to talk of crushing heads and placing enmity between us. She stood there, naked, without a line to say in my defense. I have turned my milk to venom ever since.

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