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Some poems relate to

Some poems relate to particular incidents in my life and some to events in history, such as the first day of the first war in Iraq. There is one in which alligators take possession of the poem; just let it happen as you read. And then there’s my own version of a scripture story, Genesis, chapter 3. I am embedded in scripture and Catholic liturgy and ritual. The images, metaphors and similes come from the depths of our mystical traditions. Here is one of my belief statements: “We can read our own biographies through the lens of scripture; but we can also read scripture through the lens of our own memories and experiences.” In other words, it is in our ordinary lives, in the humdrum events of every day , that we encounter the Holy One. That is when and where Revelation continues to be lived out. God is the predicate, I like to say. The experience with any poetry is always enhanced when the poems are read aloud; the sounds and rhythms of the words make all the difference. Listen to yourself for a change. NSM

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