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EVS Tale of the Two Cities booklet

Booklet describing the amazing learning adventure that Izabela and Dariusz have had through Erasmus+ EVS project TALE OF THE TWO CITIES

summer games: jogos

summer games: jogos interfreguesias II Main objective of this event is to promote healthy lifestyle of youth and adults and to develop teamwork. It is a healthy competition between five teams from different districts of Madeira island. There was eight central games which main themes were about the traditions of the venue city. The main goal of the activity was to improve quality of work,develop logistic skills of the players, increase their participation in civic life and encourage them doing their own community projects. This project aims to fight social apathy and also the lack of active participation of young people and community in general, in environmental issues. Most of the gadgets used for the games were made from recycling materials and trash.

juventude ativa: let’s promote healthy lifestyle! Main objective of this event is to promote healthy lifestyle of youth and to develop teamwork as well. Volunteers of Teatro Metaphora and Casa do Povo together with association’s members worked on idea of “Star of Youthness” - a city instalation created from thousands little stars cutted from cans. From the one hand, the art istalation was directly connected with idea of youthness: youngests as stars, our bright future; from the other hand - it was a city signal to alert young people about our environmental problems. This time volunteers and members of Teatro Metaphora were also participants of the event to spread creative ideas, eco lifestyle and values of being volunteers. It was a nice opportunity to promote also cultural heritage, build connection with local community and share ideas of ecologically responsible life-style.

[+][PDF] TOP TREND Ming s Adventure in the Forbidden City: A Story in English and Chinese [PDF]