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EVS Tale of the Two Cities booklet

Booklet describing the amazing learning adventure that Izabela and Dariusz have had through Erasmus+ EVS project TALE OF THE TWO CITIES

, means peace

, means peace Flower-power: procession of the holy sacrament Volunteers of Teatro Metaphora and Casa do Povo: Izabela, Dariusz and Justina and Katerina under the leadership of Anastasia Mazur were active involved into designing and implementing the project of flower carpet. The project was strongly connected with promotion of cultural heritage and local traditions and also to spread values of peace and respect. People decorated main streets of Câmara de Lobos for the proccesion of The Holy Sacrament in August 2017. First steps were to draw specials religious symbols on the streets and than fill its by colourful flowers, leaves, grass and natural elements. , means love

graphic design: breaking down the communication barrier! Izabela Puk, as an experienced graphic designer, tried to use design in a new social context: as a way of intercultural communication. She helped with two main projects: visual identification for Human Library and one of game called memo for Jogos Interfreguesias II. In the first one, she used design tools as a story-teller, she needed to show a teaser of the stories as a blurb in the book cover. Something catchy and yuvenile to collect audience for the event. In the second one she designed memo cards that were printed on recycling materials. The idea was to create signs of Madeira, so she improved her general knowledge about island in this oryginal way. memo cards connected people ;) or...? no worries, it’s 100% healthy competition ;)

[+][PDF] TOP TREND Ming s Adventure in the Forbidden City: A Story in English and Chinese [PDF]