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EVS Tale of the Two Cities booklet

Booklet describing the amazing learning adventure that Izabela and Dariusz have had through Erasmus+ EVS project TALE OF THE TWO CITIES


voice of volunteer:dariusz sirko If someone had told me few months ago that I would participate in the EVS project in Madeira Islands, I wouldn’t believe it. At last, this is what happened for real! I came to Funchal, a capital city of Portugal’s Madeira archipelago, for the very first time on the 3rd of June 2017. I have been picked up from the Cristiano Ronaldo International Airport, by José Antonio, the President of Teatro Metaphora organization. Since I read all the objectives of the program I exactly knew what to expect from the project. But as things usually work a bit different from what is written on paper, to my surprise, the whole experience turned out to be a way better then as it’s been described in the folder. I had a chance to take part in multiple initiatives that took place during my EVS circle. The project that I value most were Hospital for the little ones, Animate for ACTION and conducting Polish language and Culture classes. These initiatives were very close to my ideal image of how we, as an organization, can add up to bettering lives and expending horizons of local community. I believe conducted happenings had a great impact on locals, especially on local youth. Next to organizational responsibilities and duties I had a great opportunity in my spare time to learn about, not only Madeira but also, whole Portugal. Spending sharply five months in this increasable place gave me a fabulous chance to visit places that I could only dream of sightseeing. I eagerly embraced Portuguese way of life and with a blazing sparkle in my eyes I observed previously unknown to me beautiful habits and traditional events of Portuguese people. I became a devoted fado listener, and Portuguese cuisine for sure changed my dietary routine. Portuguese traditional dishes are simple but at the same time very flavourful. I had to love them, there was no other option for me! When it comes to a question whether I obtained new and upgraded already possessed competences I for sure must admit that I, indeed, did. The project allowed me to expend my wings in PR and content management related skills. I learned how to organize my time and divide it between scheduled tasks. Next to this thanks to attending piano classes I excelled my song writing skills, something that I aimed at as becoming a part of artistic organization. Because Teatro Metaphora, although in recent years more focused on ecological awareness, at heart its truly a theatrical and performing arts organization. To anyone who hesitates whether to take part in EVS Erasmus Plus project... GO FOR IT! It’ll be a great experience that you’ll treasure for a very long time.

voice of volunteer:izabela puk “Be the change that you wish to see in the world” - Mahatma Gandhi In my case, everything always starts from a dream. I just felt strongly that I really want to experience life of being volunteer and based of listening to my gut - that it will something that brings changes into my life forever. I applied during almost one year, looking for opportunities strongly connected with my skills and interests. I found Teatro Metaphora while they didn’t have open recruitment process for the Poles, but it changed during few months and I got a “green light” personaly from the President. It looked like destination, isn’t it? ;) I came 3rd of Agust 2017 to Câmara de Lobos, cute and beautiful fisherman’s village which became my new home and brought to me many challenges and adventures that increase my professional skills as much as social abilities. I got a chance to take a part in multiple initiatives during my EVS, try new fields, experiment with new ways of artistic expression, enter to the local community as a foreigner but be in the same line as locals. As a volunteer, I experienced how to be a teacher and a student in the same time. I used art as a way of intercultural communication. Being a part of ecological project in a place so strongly connected with nature as Madeira Island is, woke my own awarness up in this area and my willingness to act with respect and choose ecologically responsible life-style. I feel also much more connected with Europian Union values in our “diversity in unity”. I already finished my volunteering service in Teatro Metaphora, but it didn’t finish inside of me yet and every day the experience brings me new reflections and enriches me internally. I also believe that social network that I builded in Madeira and during my training courses in Portugal will bring me new creative ideas and excelent opportunities to work on better future of Europe. I would like to continiue my adventure with non-formal education methodology and find or create totally new professional path that could connect all of my interests and expiriences untill now. I feel I have a big debt of gratitude to the world and I need to pay it back. If you think about volunteering, don’t wait for the right moment. The time is now! Don’t be afraid: the world takes care of brave souls in special way :)

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