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House Selling Guide

Here is a handy guide that will give you tips on how to sell a home with us in Colorado.


SELL YOUR HOUSE HELP TO TIPS QUICK Paint Just because you love a bright accent wall does not mean the Buyer will. Use neutral colors to brighten the rooms and appeal to a broad audience. Carpets Often an issue in lived in homes, especially with pets. Steam clean or replace them. Declutter And Depersonalize That means everything from family photographs to large furniture items that take up space unnecessarily. We typically advise to use temporary storage or the garage. Be Objective Most of this is common sense. Look at each room in the eyes of a Buyer and make the smart fixes. Make Easy Repairs Patch holes, clean and service the furnace, replace old hardware, fix interior trim. The Exterior Check the roof and make repairs if needed. plant new colorful plants and enhance your curb appeal. Mow the lawn. Paint the front door. Inspect and fix any siding, window, or trim issues. Lighting Not all rooms have natural light. In darker rooms add lighting or use lamps to brighten them up. Deep Clean You don't have to hire a pro, but the cleaner the home the better. This includes cleaning ceiling fans, light fixtures, base boards, and even the grout. Some ideas before a showing: Open all the interior doors Open all blinds and curtains Turn on lights Store any toys Make sure all counters are clear Bake some vanilla extract or use a diffuser Make the beds Wash or put away all laundry Vacuum and sweep Flush toilets, put the lids down Set thermostat to a comfortable level Take out the trash and hide trash can Arrange throw pillows and blankets Secure valuables and weapons 8

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