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House Selling Guide

Here is a handy guide that will give you tips on how to sell a home with us in Colorado.

Interview Questions To

Interview Questions To Ask Your Agent Great Are you a full-time or part-time Realtor? How often and how do you communicate with me? Are you a single agent or do you work with a team? Do you typically work in my price range? Do you specialize in working with Buyers or Sellers? Do you have a list of vendors who can help me? How soon can you start marketing my house? Are you available on my schedule to include weekends? How do you look for possible Buyers for my property? How many homes have you sold this year? What haven't I asked you that I need to know? 10

Past Client Testimonials Real Estate Terms Common Joel was AMAZING at selling my house. I had already moved out of state and Joel took care of the whole process. Not only did he sell it one day after listing, he was Under able Contract to help us close When a week a Seller before and a scheduled! Buyer come He to really agreement made the on process all terms of effortless on my part an and offer answered on a home. any/all The of contract my questions. must be Anyone signed looking by all parties. to sell or buy a home, I definitely recommend contacting Joel! I cannot say enough good Earnest things about Money Money that the Buyer provides to a third party after going under him. He goes above and beyond anyone to make sure his clients are contract to act as good faith money. Typically it's 1% of the happy. Thank you Joel!!! purchase price Lelani Q. Inspection The event when a certified inspector will comb over the entire property to find any defects so that we can negotiate repairs. Most inspections will cost $275 upwards. I just wanted to say that Joel did an awesome job at selling our house. He is very polite and easy to work The estimated with and handled value of working a home, with as determined some difficult by people a licensed in a very professional manner,I appraiser. would recommend him to anyone that is wanting to sell!! A Comparative Market Analysis offered as an opinion of value Holly Y. by an Agent. CMA's use recent comparable home sales to give the opinion of value. Appraisal CMA The MLS The Multiple Listing Service is a large database used by real Joel was honest, professional, estate agents and with did access a great to job detailed helping information us sell our on home. property He for was informative sale and (and made sold) the in process your area. as painless as possible. I highly recommend him. Don’t make the Carissia mistake G. of thinking a Realtor is the same thing as a real estate agent. Not all real estate agents are Realtors; only those that are members of the National Association of Realtors (NAR) can call themselves Realtors. Realtor® For more testimonials please visit 11

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