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House Selling Guide

Here is a handy guide that will give you tips on how to sell a home with us in Colorado.

of Assessment Wants and

of Assessment Wants and Appraisal Underwriting House for Prepare Presentation Days Before The Closing HOUSE SELLING OVERVIEW A What You Should Expect In This Home Selling Process MLS Preview Set expectations. Ask any questions. Review comparable sales and timeline. Establish Wants Vs. Needs. Professional homestaging appointment. Prepare house for pictures. Review and touch up of pictures. Review: price, inclusions and exclusions, special features, and other items. Approval of draft MLS. Property goes live on the MLS. Local neighbors engaged. Paper marketing created and distributed. Social media marketing leveraged. Open House conducted if beneficial for the Seller. Any and all offers will be presented in person. Negotiation conducted if necessary. Mutual execution of desired deal. Earnest money deposited. Disclosures sent out. Buyer schedules inspections. Inspection items are negotiated. Marketing Receive Offers Under Contract Final Issues 6 Review appraisal results. Negotiate any appraisal issues. Buyer to provide lender and Title any further documents. Receipts provided from Inspection Resolution. Closing scheduled by all parties. Closing disclosure provided with estimated proceeds. Agent to conduct a walk through. Schedule final walk through for the Buyer. Close the deal.

MARKET VALUE DETERMINE TO HOW Market value is determined by multiple factors. Pricing a home correctly will be the difference between a profitable sale and a property that sits on the market. Market value is NOT determined by: The items in your home. What you need to make from the proceeds. What you want to make from the proceeds. What it last appraised for. What your neighbor sold their home for. What the assessor says it's worth. How much you paid for it. What Zillow claims it's worth. Best ways to receive desirable offers: 1 - Improve the condition of the home. We can help you understand where the best return on investment is when it comes to remodeling. Market value is determined by what a Buyer will pay based on: 7 The current market. The current competition. The current financial market and interest rates. The current economic condition. The Buyer's subjective perception of the condition of the property. The location of the property. Recent sales of what Buyers have paid for comparable homes within a local radius. 2 - Offer good terms to a Buyer. This isn't just price. Inclusions, possession dates, and other factors play a roll. 3 - Improving the way the house shows. Staging makes you money. Taking a professionals advice on what to change will make a huge difference in the way your house is felt. 4 - Adjust price as necessary. This takes into account feedback received from Buyers and other Realtors®.

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