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PIONEER SA-9800 circuit

SA.9Elclcl,HGi NOTE: The indicated semiconductors are representatiue ones only. Other alternatiue semiconductors may be used and are listed in the parts list. I R€SISTOR, Indrcatd rn Q, l/4W, !5% lolaranc€ unl6soth.rwrg !$os zsrszs d r07 2sa9r2 09 23A7265 qr 2scr885 Q13 25Cr400 0r5,r7 2SA750 ;+ors 2scr4oo 0r, 3 05 07 09 o2t 2SA904A o25 2SA733A o27 2SC945A o33 2SCt9r3 o23 025 Dil,t3,t3,17 rst555 ot9,?t,23,25 tsz4fl o27,8 ts247l nord k, kO, M. MO. (F). rl%. (G). 12%. lKl. !1096 2 CAPACITORS, ro c.p-riy {!F)/volt+(V) unl.s IndcarDn *rrh@r voltry rs 5OV 11610lytrc 3 VOLTAGE, CUBRENT, f! Srgnat volt# .t lOOfl +lOOt/ 8O ouput El . OC voh4 (Vl at no input sqn.l V.lue rn ( I tr OC volt# at raid pomr . OC current ar no Inpur ngnal €mA 4 OTHERS, r> . SEn.t rtut€ Oo.Adru:tngPo'nt Th. A lound on Fm. componcnl p.rl3 Ind, c.tes tha rmFri.nca ol lha gfcty l*ror of rh. parr Th.r.lor!. S.n rcpl-'ng, h $r. to u! ol rdcnrral dGn9naton Lch -.l SPEAX€R (A) I pq6 --l SP_B 05. 2SC229l 027 029 - o23 2scraeoA F - rE"e-l ; O29 25A733A o3r 2sce45A FnR A A Lcn-_l RchJ SPEAXER (8) I A ; o24 2SCr890A o30 2sA733A o32 2sca45A f _rl, 036 2SA9r3 l r ,-l )l I [e'!iY/qd AT SP IW ot2, t4, t6, t8 D2O,22,21 026,26, 30 ts247l rs247l l-l I or,2 2sc945A Q3 zscrg€5 Dr,2,3 rS247l 04 MZ-r50 D5 MZ - OAI SXITCHES: Sl: PHONO INTERFERENCE FILLDR OFF-ON Sl3: SUBSONIC FILTEn 9II- I 5nz 2ao A 5r7 5I7 LINE VOLIAGE SEI€CIOR zry- 2.oy ^xx-o57 s2: FUNCTIoN SII: HIGI FILTER pHoNo 2(Mc)-pHoNo 2(w)-pHoNo I(W)-TUNiF-AUX sl5: METER sl: cARTRrocE LoaD (c) s16: SPEMER m-8kHz !!JSE!-DrH qEE- A- B- A+B !l!!-200p- l00p-4 0 0p- 500p 22 0V-:40v gEE-ON lm-l0k-25k-50k-f00k The underli,ned indicat€E the suitch position. r -9!r-2 55: TAPE DUPLICATE 57: MODE I'2-9II-2'r This is the'basic schematic diagram, but the actual crrcuit may vary due to improvements in disign. ac220l 9AON' 58: TUTING ruv-sTEmo- L+ R- l- R m- -20d8 9Ir-on l00k-20082 qII-ON 2 .skHz-skaz 5

P.C. BOARD ASSEMBLIES Input Te Power Supply Assembly (AWR-I961 EO Assembly (GWF-I18)

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