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o DAY 4 – the 4 th of

o DAY 4 – the 4 th of March 2018 Because outside continued to be quite cold, I sat most of the day in bed, looking at me my favorite series, Lucifer. I've been watching this series for quite some time, but with every episode I've seen, it succeeds to amaze me even more, which is why he is among my favorite series. After spending a few hours in front of the computer, looking at the series, I realized it was pretty late, so I decided it was time to sleep for the next day I had to wake up in the morning. It was a pretty boring day!

o DAY 5 –the 7 th of March 2018 Today was a day different from the others because the morning when I go to school I had a pleasant surprise, the weather has improved. I was in a good mood all day, but do not know exactly why. Maybe,the beautiful outside weather has given me this state of mind. To the evening, to take full advantage of this good mood and the slightly higher outside temperatures, I decided, together with my friends, to go out again to walk in the park, taking advantage of the time we can spend together . The evening could not be more beautiful and without a view of the city seen from The Chindia Tower. Despite the fact that I could not stay up there because of the fact that it was getting cold enough, this day was among the most beautiful and special of this week.

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