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MICHELLE COOK www. Coastal areas inspire the majority of my work, as it is a place I feel most at peace. I am fascinated by the constantly changing landscape, marks and patterns left by wind, rain, tides, sunlight, nature or mankind. I enjoy exploring nooks and crannies for traces of interaction either natural or human and capturing microscopic detail to expand and explore. As my work is evolving and developing I am using more ecological and natural processes to develop colours, print and textures. There is a wonderful anticipation to burying pieces of textile below a tide line, leaving it for days or weeks and discovering what marks nature has imprinted on the piece. My work evolves by building up and layering with print, textiles, found objects, plants and stitch. My finished pieces are a record of my journey in that landscape, a representation of my experiences and the traces I have created and added to the layers created by others. I experience a deep sense of pleasure and peace when creating my work and hope that it creates a sense of curiosity and pleasure for others Facebook: Michelle Cook - Textile Instagram: michellecook_textileartist . art & Mixed media

Path to Birsay: Mainland Orkney My inspiration for this work comes from the coastal regions of Mainland Orkney, specifically the North-West coastline. I was fortunate enough to spend two weeks on the island in the summer of 2017 and became mesmerised by the constantly changing landscape, especially near the coast. My intention has been to capture the essence of my memories of Mainland Orkney in fabric & stitch.

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Cherie by Frances Newcombe
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Inspired by the National Parks: Their Landscapes and Wildlife in Fabric Perspectives (Donna Marcinkowski DeSoto)