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WENDY WELLER I have been sewing for more years than I care to remember, starting off with making clothes for the family. I began with hexagons over paper, then finding other ways through books and joining groups. I then did a City and Guilds Patchwork and Quilting course at Bath College and was introduced to design and using different mediums. From then on I was hooked on trying all these different techniques. I like to use mainly hand-dyed fabric as my base. When I start a piece of work I usually have a rough idea as to how it’s going to develop and what I want to achieve, but it often evolves into something slightly different. Apart from quilting my other main interest is photography, especially landscapes. Where I live in Wiltshire I am surrounded by rolling hills and ancient trackways, monuments and barrows, and have developed an interest in what lies underneath the land as well as what we can see on the top. My current work is looking at the marks made in the Bronze Age and Iron Age, both on the surface of the land in the form of barrows and other settlements, and the shapes of axes, daggers and the marks made on pots found in the barrows and other excavations as a form of decoration.

Ancient and Modern II I am lucky to live in the middle of Wiltshire with its rolling hills full of history. So my work is inspired by the people that lived here in ancient times, and made their mark on the landscape in the form of barrows and other settlements, and the treasures that can be found underneath. I have also looked at the marks made by farming on the land, comparing the linear lines of today with the circles of the past.

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