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About Us Contemporary Quilters West is a group of 25 individuals, all living in the South West of the UK. In early 2013 we gathered together with the aim of supporting and encouraging each other in our individual working practices. Over time our numbers have grown and we have a thriving group of members who possess a tremendous diversity of artistic skills in both contemporary quilting and textile art. We do, however, all share one thing in common - the fundamental that stitch forms a part of our work. We meet together six times each year, sharing our ongoing work and investigating ways in which we can improve and extend our working practice in a more professional manner. Many of our members exhibit internationally and between us, we are proud to have won a number of prizes. We have authors, speakers and teachers within the group. Early on in our development it was decided that we should exhibit together every other year and, as we all move forward in our own way, we chose to call our first exhibition ‘Unfolding Stories’. It is of great importance to us that work for each exhibition is always new. Our most recent work has been that for ‘Unfolding Stories 3’ and we are proud to be exhibiting this at three different venues in 2018. To see more of our work or to find out more about our members, please visit our website at:

Rapture by Pat Bravo
The Art and Science of Quilting - Tompkins County Public Library
Contract Fabric - Spruce London
download - OATG. Oxford Asian Textile Group
Victorian Botanicals - P&B Textiles
Utopia by Frances Newcombe
Protective fabric and multifunctional textiles for ... - IBENA Protect
Bridge For Design October 15
textiles issue - The National Society for Education in Art and Design
Safari Moon by Frances Newcombe
Inspired by the National Parks: Their Landscapes and Wildlife in Fabric Perspectives (Donna Marcinkowski DeSoto)
Skipping in Silvia's Garden - P&B Textiles
Enchanted Garden FREE Pattern from P&B Textiles