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ALICIA MERRETT My textile wall hangings are created by cutting, stitching, collaging and bonding hand-dyed fabrics; I assemble colours in shapes and lines in my own unique way. Quilting adds relief and texture to the work. Sometimes text is incorporated. My inspiration is varied; for several years I have concentrated on making textile maps and aerial views. I believe mapmaking is an ancient and fundamental part of mankind’s need to understand the world. Maps have an irresistible appeal, and they are used regularly, even in these days of SatNavs My work is exhibited world-wide, and is in private and public collections. It has been featured in many books and magazines in the UK, Europe, USA, Australia, and the Far East. I lecture and teach workshops internationally. More details can be found on my website Workshops: I teach many workshops, several of which are map related. They can be 1 day or longer if you are interested in retreats. Details can be found on my website. Talks with digital presentations: ‘Visual Music’: My journey as a quilter; ‘The Quilts of Gee's Bend - and other Afro- American influences in quilting’. My book ‘Mapping the Imagination’ is available free online with ‘issuu’ Facebook: Alicia Merrett Instagram: akm57

Estuary in Blue The Salcombe - Kingsbridge estuary in South Devon is unusual because there is no large river feeding it, only small streams. Twice a day seawater tides reach as far as Kingsbridge, going up a drowned river valley or 'ria'. The low tides reveal mudflats and reed beds that are habitats to rare species. Worms and small crustaceans provide feed for wading birds; otters inhabit the area, and even seals and dolphins sometimes venture into the estuary.

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