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Grey Power March 2018

The Grey Power Magazine is a prime national news source for its readers – New Zealand men and women over 50. Circulated quarterly to more than 68,000 members, Grey Power Magazine reports on the policies of the Grey Power Federation, and the concerns of the elderly, backgrounding and interpreting official decisions which affect their lives.


14 NZ GREYPOWER MAGAZINE » MARCH 2018 BOARD PROFILE: Jan Pentecost Grey Power is a unique organisation with an exceptional array of people from around the country involved in and integral to it success. In this issue, we launch the first of our Board member profiles, so you can find out more about the people working for and alongside you. Name: Jan Pentecost Grey Power Board position? National secretary, Advocacy Standing Committee Co-Chair, Membership and Fifty Plus National Advisory Group co-chair What do these roles involve? Dealing with all matters to do with Grey Power New Zealand Federation business. It is the secretary’s job to co-ordinate all Grey Power’s business to assist the president and Federation Board. And that includes normal secretarial duties (e.g. responsibility for all correspondence and official documents, meeting agendas, possession of a clear understanding and knowledge of current issues and to be a member of the Executive Committee). I also organise and participate in advocacy visits to Parliament and this can involve research to provide background, other than that supplied by National Advisory Group chairs on lobby issues. Background information? I became involved because my husband was made redundant – age 59 yrs from a local authority after working there for 43 years. He wanted to tell the world about our negative experiences which occurred during the redundancy process and with WINZ. We chose to manage on a benefit rather than sell our property to enable us to retain some equity when we retired. He joined our local Grey Power Association and encouraged me to go to meetings with him. The association had difficulty finding a secretary so I offered. I’m still secretary for the local association as well Zone Six secretary and the national secretary. Where do you live? I live in rural North Canterbury on 8 hectares of land and love the open space with its freedom from close neighbours with the exception of our few sheep and one horse. Business/career background? Nursing training, part owner-worker of market garden (25 years), teacher aid, research work e.g. data collection contract and several qualitative research contracts. Sporting/activity interests? Mainly gardening and walking to achieve my fitbit goal of 6000 steps per day – I don’t usually manage this though. The greatest thing about being retired? Having the time to be really involved with family including grandchildren and also time to be passionate about interests e.g. Grey Power and U3A The most challenging aspect of being retired? Economic stress Something you wish you could tell younger people? Be yourself, you are unique, push yourself to achieve your dreams The best piece of advice ever received? Learn from all your experiences and know when to move on Three things people may not know about you? 1. I’ve been involved in voluntary organisations for 43 years and in my work matters of principle, like fairness and honesty are very important to me. 2. I learn so much from the younger generation. 3. There is something new to learn nearly every day Most memorable place you have been? Even though we have been lucky enough to travel overseas, the West Coast of the South Island where we can stand on the beach and see the glaciers and rain forest – the feeling of peace, the joy in our beautiful country. What’s on your bucket list? To write my life history for my family. To visit the 11 AFS exchange students from around the world who we hosted over the years. Most interesting/memorable thing you’ve done? Bringing up three children with help from my husband, and also my university education as a mature student during which I learnt so much, including that other peoples understanding of the world could be just as valid as the views I hold. Elderly Driver Safety Signs STANNAH STAIRLIFTS Working in partnership with leading manufacturer Stannah Stairlifts, Independence 2011 have been changing peoples lives in New Zealand, giving them back their independence to go up and down their stairs and stay living in the home they love. • For Curved and Straight stairs • Indoor and outdoor models • Recondition units • Free no obligation quote THE STAIRLIFT PEOPLE Freephone 0800 92 66 77 D5590J Increase your confidence while driving Get yours today at

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