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Grey Power March 2018

The Grey Power Magazine is a prime national news source for its readers – New Zealand men and women over 50. Circulated quarterly to more than 68,000 members, Grey Power Magazine reports on the policies of the Grey Power Federation, and the concerns of the elderly, backgrounding and interpreting official decisions which affect their lives.


16 NZ GREYPOWER MAGAZINE » MARCH 2018 Kickstart YOUR bucket list When you spend decades of your life immersed in work and raising family, the thought of retirement can be daunting. There are all the usual concerns; managing finances without a regular income, managing your health and for many, there’s also the ‘what now?’ thought process. With the demands of work hours removed and family most likely independent, there is often a feeling of uncertainty about life direction and still feeling useful, challenged, inspired and motivated. New to the world of retirement and the conflicting emotions that accompany it, Waikato-based Jan and Richard Jeffers have been faced with making a ‘new game plan’, after a busy lifetime of combining farming and full-time work, with raising Enjoy every Moment Keep doing the things you love with those you love! Radius Shop offers a full range of products to help you remain comfortable, confident and in control every day. Monarch Power Lift Chair VIKING Comfort with electronic rise or recline motion. $1,299.00 FREE SHIPPING! six children (and they now have 16 grandchildren). For 25 years Jan worked at Sport Waikato, creating opportunities and encouraging all ages to get active. While busy with work, dairy and beef farming, Richard and Jan also raised six children involved in a variety of sports from rowing and swimming to equestrian. Having recently retired and admitting to feeling a bit lost initially, Jan decided to heed the advice she gave others for years, and get motivated and make a plan. A bucket list was part of the planning process about ‘where to next’. “Realising we had got ourselves into Hibac Rehab Chair VIKING Provides comfort, lumber, head and neck support. $699.00 the position of basically living to maintain a property, we started questioning our future and wondering if this was it now?” says Jan. “Missing our joint incomes, we realised we were asset rich and cash poor - it was a lightbulb moment. With family spread out around New Zealand and Australia, our enjoyment has always been around time spent with family and enjoying our grandchildren. “The idea of putting together a bucket list of things we would like to do found us discussing how we could actually achieve this. “A chance conversation at the golf club resulted in the perfect buyer for our property - (someone younger with energy) - and the decision was made before we could overthink it too much, so we decided to embrace it and move forward rather than stay and be tied to upkeeping Shower Stool VIKING Enjoy stable and safe showering. Standard - $130.00 Padded Seat - $138.00 Jan and Richard Jeffers a property that was too big for us. “Fortunately we have time up our sleeves to decide where to next, but the meantime we’re ticking off some things on our bucket list and we’ve decided to look at this time together as a gift and not ‘empty space’.” Jan shares that their bucket list is a mix of ‘dreams and goals’ and is versatile enough to accommodate things should health or financial pressure change. In the meantime, they set off on their first ‘bucket list trip’ - to visit family in Invercargill, checking out Wanaka, Arrowtown, Queenstown and Lake Hawea on the way and meeting one of their daughters, her husband and their children to share the experience with. “It felt pretty amazing to take some time and do a trip like this together,” says Jan. “We’ve been very busy working all of our lives and with farming there’s not much opportunity to get away as there’s always something needing to be done on the property and weekends are just another day. So while our trip was only ten days long, we packed so many new experiences and memories into it.” Ring Cushion MEDI-SOFT Ease pressure with a soft or firm cushion. Foam - $34.00 Moulded - $42.00 Comfort Hip Protector SOFTECH (XS - XXL) Decrease the risk of bone fractures in the event of a fall. $233.00 Elephant Feet DERBY (Set of 4) Raise chairs and beds safely. 90 mm or 140 mm $90.00 Walking Frame MOBILIS Gives you the pleasure of maneuverability. Easy to fold and storage. Standard or Narrow $218.00 T Handle Walking Stick LIFESTYLE Lightweight and height adjustable. $44.00 Soxezy HULL Put on socks with ease. $22.00 Non-Spill Urinal Bottle PLASPRO Designed to prevent any leakage. Ideal for bedroom use. $58.00 Abri-Flex Premium 1400ml capacity Pull-ups with high absorbancy. S- $30.00 M- $30.00 L- $31.00 XL- 32.00 Abri-Form Premium 3600 ml-4000 ml capacity All-in-one briefs with very high absorbency. M - $25.00 L - $28.00 XL - $31.00 Abri-San Premium 200 ml-800 ml capacity Unisex pads for light absorbency. 1A - $14.00 2 - $14.00 3 - $16.00 4 - $19.00 Abri-Man Formula 450 ml & 700 ml capacity Pads specially designed for men. 2 - $15.00 1 - $12.00 Abri-Fix Super Pants Fixation Underwear Designed to provide security with superior pad fixation - set of 3 S, M, L, XL - $12.00 Call 0800 213 313 or visit Prices accurate at time of printing . All prices include GST . Shipping costs apply

NZ GREYPOWER MAGAZINE » MARCH 2018 17 Jan’s tips for making a bucket list • We spent some time on the internet looking at places we’d like to go and things we’d like to experience or see • We wrote down lots of ideas in a notebook and then revisited them once we’d had some time to think about them • More online research saw us cross some of these off our bucket list due to the complications of travel or excessive expense involved • We focused on the bucket list ideas that were achieveable and we thought we would most enjoy • The biggest learning curve was convincing ourselves to just do it - we’d gotten used to sitting at home after first retiring so it was a challenge to get back out of our comfort zone Jan and Richard’s top five moments from their South Island roadie are: Lake Hawea – So peaceful and such an amazing lake to just relax on the edge and take in the magnificent scenery - skimming stones was a highlight (childhood memories) Cardrona Hotel– Soak up the history of the gold mining era. A must stop on the journey over the Crown Range. Beautiful garden with outdoor fire to chill and enjoy a coffee stop. Top of the Crown Range – WOW what a view definitely worth pulling into the lookout and soaking in the splendour of the mountains surrounding Queenstown. Arrowtown –‘The worlds best little pie shop’ Arrowtown Bakery and Café - a little gem! We managed with much difficulty to resist a second pie (but still think about it)! Shotover Jet – We discovered it’s just as much fun watching and walking along the tracks on the side of the canyons to the different lookout points, so while we didn’t actually experience it, we saved a few dollars but I think we got just as much fun out of watching the enjoyment of others. Our Home is Your Home Rest Home, Private Hospital & Dementia Care When support is required to continue living life to the full, Radius Care aims to make the transition into aged care as smooth as possible. New Zealand owned and operated, our Kiwi values ensure residents are important beyond their medical needs. We constantly strive to provide the best lifestyle possible, support their hobbies and interests, and make our home their home. Bowling championships, baking, woodwork and outings illustrate the variety of activities on offer. The seven-day activity rosters mean our residents continue to enjoy their passions every day, all the while surrounded by family and friends who can spend time with loved ones and remain an integral part of their lives with 24-hour visiting. If you have any questions or would like to know more, please feel free to visit any of our 22 facilities nationwide. You’re always welcome. Call 0800 737 2273 or visit for more information. Leaders in Care

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