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Grey Power March 2018

The Grey Power Magazine is a prime national news source for its readers – New Zealand men and women over 50. Circulated quarterly to more than 68,000 members, Grey Power Magazine reports on the policies of the Grey Power Federation, and the concerns of the elderly, backgrounding and interpreting official decisions which affect their lives.


24 NZ GREYPOWER MAGAZINE » MARCH 2018 A healthy helping hand from nature As we get older, staying healthy becomes the number one priority, and thanks to modern research and products, there is a lot we can do to help improve our health. Our lifestyle is the key to longevity. Yet, for most of us it is not about how old we get, but how many healthy years we have as we age. New Zealand company ENZO Nutraceuticals claims to be making a big contribution to people’s health and longevity. If you have an interest in keeping yourself as healthy as possible, you may have come across its product already; ENZO- GENOL®; an effective and well researched health supplement according to ENZO. A New Zealand product Pinus radiata reaching for the sky. It is not about the timber. We should pay more attention to the bark with its superantioxidants that can help us live healthier for longer. discovered by scientists at Canterbury University in the late 90’, ENZO- GENOL® was further developed, researched and brought to market by ENZO Nutraceuticals, a New Zealand family owned business, and produced in New Zealand from NZ grown pine trees. Pine trees? Yes - EN- ZOGENOL® is made from the bark of our very own radiata pines grown in the central North Island around Taupo and Rotorua. Although pine bark is not on the everyday menu, it would certainly be a healthy addition, says Dr Matt Frevel, ENZO chief scientist. As the research team at Canterbury originally discovered, pine bark contains certain plant chemicals called flavonoids, which have exceptionally high antioxidant and natural anti-inflammatory activities and are the basis for their health promoting properties. These flavonoid superantioxidants are extracted from the bark with a specialised water-only method and freeze-dried into a powder conveniently consumed as ENZOGENOL® capsules. Over the past 20 years, medical research has found that low-grade, chronic inflammation and oxidation processes in the body are major contributors to most chronic conditions, including heart disease and stroke, the long-term consequences of diabetes, cancers, Alzheimer’s dementia, and other neurodegenerative diseases. The good news is that we can actually do a lot with our nutrition to help avoid chronic health problems and support our body’s health in all of these areas. Since its discovery, EN- ZOGENOL® and ENZO Nutraceuticals have come a long way with eight published clinical trials that have demonstrated benefits for brain and cardiovascular function and for overall health. These studies fueled the success of ENZO’s health supplements recommended by doctors in NZ and Australia. Today ENZO Nutraceuticals exports much of its ENZOGENOL® production to India where it is used by the pharmaceutical industry in nutritional products that support health for diabetes patients. Many other third-party companies buy the ENZO- GENOL® and incorporate it into their health products for various different applications. In New Zealand ENZO distributes its own range of capsule products that are available directly Advertorial David Giles, Mike Giles and Dr Matt Frevel of ENZO Nutraceuticals Ltd looking at the trees they use to make the ENZOGENOL® pine bark extract. from the company and from select pharmacies, health food stores and some holistic medical practitioners. The ENZO range of products includes Brain Recovery, Relax & Focus, Gut Repair, Healthy Living and Professional. The capsules all contain the EN- ZOGENOL® pine bark extract in combination with other nutritionals, and are formulated to support the health of the brain and nervous system, the gut and digestive health, and the cardiovascular and metabolic systems. Nutritional Dietary Supplement Brain Fog, Memory or Concentration Issues? ENZO Brain Recovery is specifically formulated for optimum support of brain health and function! ENZOGENOL ® - Pine Bark Extract 1000 mg/day High DHA & EPA Omega-3s 1000 mg/day (acute take 5 capsules daily for 3 months, or 2 caps daily for maintenance) 3-Month Course: 6 x 75 Capsules ENZOGENOL ® is a natural flavonoid-rich, high-antioxidant brain and cardiovascular health support agent. Clinical research has shown that taking 1000mg ENZOGENOL per day (5 capsules of Brain Recovery) acutely supports healthy brain function in older people. One study found significantly better memory functions in older people that were at risk of cognitive decline due to their inactivity and poor cardiovascular health. In another study, people reported feeling a lot more able to deal with their everyday cognitive challenges, and being much less fatigued. Research has also shown that brain functions decline twice as fast in people consuming low amounts of flavonoidantioxidants. Just one capsule of ENZO Brain Recovery per day significantly boosts the amount of these flavonoidantioxidants in the diet. For answers on how you can best support your brain as you age ask Dr Matt Frevel, Chief Scientist at ENZO Nutraceuticals Ltd. Call him free on 0800 436 964. Order online at: or call: 0800 436 964 Get 10%-off with coupon code: GREYPOWER Exclusively available from ENZO Nutraceuticals Ltd

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