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Grey Power March 2018

The Grey Power Magazine is a prime national news source for its readers – New Zealand men and women over 50. Circulated quarterly to more than 68,000 members, Grey Power Magazine reports on the policies of the Grey Power Federation, and the concerns of the elderly, backgrounding and interpreting official decisions which affect their lives.


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eZee Kinetic ebike competition winner Congratulations to Reen Stratford, from Wanganui, who has been drawn as the winner of the eZee Kinetic ebike (silver Sprint 3LST valued at $2549) from Electric Bike Hub. This fantastic prize was hotly sought after with many entries, including some impressive stories and even a well written poem. Such was the calibre of entries, that the winner was decided after a random draw - and Reen Stratford was the lucky name drawn. Reen shared with us that she hoped to win the Kinetic ebike to prove to herself and her family that she is NOT getting old or geriatric, and is definitely a ‘with-it’ granny. “I live on top of a very steep hill overlooking Wanganui (Durrie Hill) and need the ebike to get me back up it (after I’ve got down!). I can get into town by walking up and down 193 steps, take a car round the hill, take a vintage elevator ride (which is a fantastic experience, but not the 200m walk to it inside the hill carrying my shopping bags!) .. or … I could freewheel gracefully down the hill on a bike. However, I couldn’t, even with maximum effort, pedal my way back up the hill to home - but I could get back up the hill on the ebike! “I also need the ebike beause I’ve had Don’t let pain cramp your style both my knees done and cycling is the only passive way to build the strength back up in my legs. “If I could also dream a little, I could use the ebike for all sorts of wonderful journeys: cycling to meet up with friends for a coffee, exploring the riverbank cycleways, putting my bowls on the back (or in a basket in front) and skimming down the hill and along the riverside for a day’s bowls, and on the way home coming back up the other side of the hill through Okoia so I can get some fresh farm milk from the farmers’ gate. “But most of all, I just need the ebike to show my children and grandchildren that I am still a fit, healthy, fun loving and adventurous gran who is keeping up with the times, and with them of course, and isn’t consigned to the knackers yard quite yet!” The Kinetic ebike is generously provided to Reen by Electric Bike Hub and the Kinetic bike is the same proven brand that all seven council fleets use, as well as the NZ Transport Agency. The Kinetic ebike is available through all 25 Electric NZ GREYPOWER MAGAZINE » MARCH 2018 39 ® Bike Shops throughout New Zealand or look online at for more information. Electric Bike Hub extends the offer of 75 dollars off any ebike they sold to Greypower members. Getting a poor night’s sleep or waking with night cramps is the stuff of nightmares. Treat yourself to some well deserved relief, with a helping hand from Crampeze. Leg cramps, also known as night leg cramps, are fairly common and occur mostly at night. Leg cramps are characterised by a sudden movement in the leg muscles, causing painful, involuntary contractions to occur. They can last from a few seconds up to a few minutes. Low levels of certain minerals such as electrolytes and some medications, have also been cited as a cause of leg cramps. Crampeze offers a wide range of muscular cramp relief products, containing ingredients such as magnesium and homoeopathic copper to help relieve jerking, twitching of muscles, cramps and spasms in the calves and feet. Crampeze can be taken every day and easily fit into your routine. For more information, visit or Crampeze is available at Unichem and Life pharmacies and most pharmacies nationwide. ® WIN a Crampeze prize pack Enter to win one of 12 Crampeze prize packs. Each prize consists of Crampeze 60s + bonus 15s to help alleviate your cramps and allow you to enjoy life. To enter, email your name, address and contact phone number to with Crampeze in the subject line or post (with your address and contact phone number) your entries to Crampeze Promo, PO Box 1425, Hamilton 3240. Entries close on April 30 2018.

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