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Rotorua Grey Power March 2018

The Rotorua Grey Power News is a localised edition of the National Grey Power Magazine, reporting on the policies of the Grey Power Federation, concerns of the elderly and reader interest articles which keep the local members informed on issues that directly affect them.

Garden security From

Garden security From page 8 a permanent rod, ring or similar and set into a concrete pad or path. All ornaments also could be looped together with a high tensile weatherproof wire through the fitted loops, which could be concealed just below the surface of the garden and loop around an immovable object such as a fence post or tree. Ornaments and planters can also be cemented in place, either on a cement pad as part of a path or with a below ground pad from poured quick-setting cement. Attaching an object to another can also be done with a glue such an epoxy resin. But remember once in place they won’t be moved easily. Those with hanging baskets could secure them to their hanger with wire to make it difficult to take down. Remember that you may want to move the baskets to repot etc. so use a method that you know how to undo. You may consider fencing to Start the year with fresh, clean curtains Here’s an excellent curtain cleaning deal for Super Gold Card holders. Ray and Lynn Kelly offer discounts and don’t charge for pickup and rehanging for card holders. Question: Don’t know what to do with your curtains that are stained with mould, mildew, cigarette smoke or just getting a bit grubby and need freshening up? Ray and Lynn can clean all curtains including thermal drapes. Their system of cleaning curtains works equally well We clean all curtains (Thermal backed included ) Roman blinds Austrian blinds cedar blinds ALL CLEAN CURTAINS Phone Ray and Lynne Kelly on 07 349 3736 or 027 495 0892 make it difficult for intruders to enter but remember that it also offers a place to hide. If you do erect a fence, plan it so there are no areas where intruders can gain cover. Also trim back trees and shrubs so they do not provide cover for thieves. Lighting is also another area to look at. Security lighting can deter intruders who do not want to be seen. The lights can be connected to a motion sensor so will turn on if there is movement. Work with someone who knows what they are doing about lighting so as to have it set to trigger by a person moving and not trees or animals. Solar garden lights can also be used but they are also targeted by thieves. These too can be looped together with a high tensile weatherproof wire loop. Don’t forget your garden and patio furniture. Secure them with steel wire/cable or chain so it becomes difficult to move individual items without moving the lot. for Roman, Austrian or vertical blinds. They don’t use heat in the cleaning or drying so shrinkage is kept to a minimum or none at all. They also clean Cedar and PVC Venetian blinds. Most people deliver the curtains to Ray and Lynn but they offer a removal and hanging service. Also offered are repairs and alterations to curtains and Roman blinds. Contact Ray and Lynn Kelly, 18 Jade Place, Rotorua. Phone: (07)349-3736 or mobile: (027) 495-0892 Drop off at 18 Jade Place Rotorua or call us to pick up We also do alterations to curtains and make new Advertorial 40109 If you are the subject of garden ornament theft, immediately report it to the police. Provide them with the time you last saw the item and a good description of the item including photos and any markings. If you have security cameras fitted check to see if the thieves have been caught on the recording and supply the recording to the Police as well. Check with your insurer to see if garden ornaments, pots, planters and furniture are covered. The photos and description of markings are also good for insurance IT’S THAT TIME! records. In conclusion, the methods described will not prevent all thefts, but will make it difficult to move the items. Thieves generally do not want to have to struggle with something which allows time for them to be seen. Check with garden centres for other possible security methods and suitable methods for attaching rings/loops to an object. Above all enjoy your gardening and garden including your ornaments, pots, planters and furniture. Your Grey Power Rotorua subscription for 2018/19 is due by April 1, 2018 Enclosed with this magazine is a yellow invoice relating to your Grey Power Rotorua annual subscription to March 31, 2019. Members who have joined since January 1, 2018 will not receive an invoice for 18/19. The 2018/19 subscriptions remain at $20 single; $30 couple. Please consider making a donation to Grey Power Rotorua when you pay your subscription. If you are a Grey Power Electricity customer early renewal is vital so you continue to receive the benefit of discounted electricity/gas. As payments are processed, a 2018/19 membership card will be posted to you, or if you pay at the Grey Power office, you will be given your new card/s. Please bring the remittance advice section of your invoice with you so we can verify your membership number. PAYMENT OPTIONS • Use the subs renewal form on our website and pay by internet banking. Use your Grey Power membership number as your reference and specify RENEWAL. Bank account details are on the website. • Send your cheque with the remittance advice section of your invoice to: Grey Power Rotorua, PO Box 414, Rotorua 3040. • Call into the Rotorua Grey Power office at 1333 Eurera Street, Rotorua. Tuesdays-Fridays between 10am-2pm. Pay by cash or cheque. WE DO NOT HAVE EFTPOS 12 Rotorua greypower News – March 2018

Heating Solutions for you and your family It is the start of another year and because we are a heating business we obviously experience heavy workloads in winter. Our challenge is to encourage homeowners, who are thinking about upgrading or purchasing a new heating appliance, that the time is now to do that. There are numerous reasons why that makes sense but not least of all the processes like building consents and stock availability are at their slowest in winter months. Imagine the frustration when you have made a decision and are waiting for 2 months to experience the warmth and satisfaction of your new appliance. It kinda takes the shine off what should be a pleasant experience. We offer a consultation to installation service and this includes a free site visit where we correctly size the heating appliance and look at the location of the unit to ensure issues, if any, are dealt with on site prior to installation. Our team are suitably qualified in their fields whether it be woodfire, gas fire, pellet fire or heat pump and offer a comprehensive service backup to look after the requirements of that appliance for years to come. We have also been chosen for the 5th year by BOPRC to be a service provider for the HOTSWAP scheme which is a loan scheme where you can put the cost of replacing your old woodfire or open fire on your rates over 10 years. There is eligibility criteria for this but we can provide all the information and details at the office. From consultation to installation - we look after all your heating requirements ROTORUA HEATING SOLUTIONS ph 07 346 2694 We supply and install: • Gas fires • Wood fires • Multi-fuel fires • Cookers • Heat pumps • Pellet fires • Rural fires • Open wood fires • Double-sided fires • Outdoor fires/Pizza Ovens • Diesel fires • Electric fires • Parts and servicing 53 Fairy Springs Road, Rotorua | B6237H Rotorua greypower News – March 2018 13

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