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Rotorua Grey Power March 2018

The Rotorua Grey Power News is a localised edition of the National Grey Power Magazine, reporting on the policies of the Grey Power Federation, concerns of the elderly and reader interest articles which keep the local members informed on issues that directly affect them.

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From the president New Year greetings to you all, although we are already into February. RUSSELL HALLAM QSM President, Grey Power Rotorua Grey Power Rotorua is back to business for the year, the office reopened after a break for the festive season, and we have welcomed some new volunteers. Meetings with our local Members of Parliament are being organised where we will discuss issues that are of interest and concern to us. February 3 brought about the first hundred days or our coalition Government, and probably predictably, the targets set for this period have generally been achieved, or are in the process of being so. Some of these are of particular interest to us in The Third Age. The Healthy Homes Guarantee Bill passed into legislation sets minimum standards for health and safety for rental properties. This should have a big impact on the health of the many older persons living in rented accommodation that do not currently meet this standard. No more sales of state houses, the banning of overseas 2018 Grey Power Rotorua Events - for your diary As we go to print for this edition of our magazine, the Grey Power Committee is still considering venue options for our 2018 members’ forums and our Rotorua Annual General Meeting. As usual we had a members’ forum scheduled for March, but our preferred keynote speaker has advised he is unable to attend. Because this magazine is our main way of advertising our forums, we have cancelled the March date. speculators from buying existing houses, the new Affordable Housing Authority and the Kiwi Build programme all promise to make housing more affordable and accessible. The payment to superannuitants by way of the Winter Fuel Package, starting July 1 will be of benefit to many. The Ministerial Inquiry into the mental health crisis may identify flaws in the current system, and provide relief and support for those in need of such, providing any recommendations to do so are actioned. Grey Power supported the legislation to make medicinal cannabis available to the terminally ill. It is important to note, this legislation only provides for the availability of recognised medicinal cannabis, by medical practitioners, and does not include that which is home grown. To protect The New Zealand Superannuation for this, and following generations, Government will resume contributions to the New Zealand Superannuation Russell Hallam fund this coming April. The raising of the minimum wage may have the positive effect of stopping the exploitation of older workers seeking employment. There could also be the further benefit of raising the average weekly take home pay of workers, which should contribute to a rise in New Zealand Superannuation payments. These are the intended, or possible effects on our lives from the ‘first hundred days’. Only vigorous advocacy will ensure the benefits will happen. Kia ora, kia kaha, kia manawanui. However please mark the dates below in your diary now, and topic and venue details will be confirmed in our next issue [due late May]. Monday, 25 June 1pm Monday, 23 July 1.30pm Monday, 1 October 1.30pm Sunday, 18 November, noon Grey Power Rotorua AGM Grey Power Members’ Forum Grey Power Members’ Forum Grey Power Christmas Lunch Thinking about selling? Want ? - I can help to discuss your options on selling or purchasing. - I am constantly exceeding my Vendors expectation on their sold price. - I work for my Vendors. Don’t Delay, Call Sue Today! 69 Lake road, Ohinemutu, Rotorua Fax: 07 349 6622 | Phone: 07 349 6633 Email: Sue Baker AREINZ LICENSED SALESPERSON REAA 2008 Residential Sales M: 027 430 4900 DDI: 07 349 8085 E: Rotorua greypower News – March 2018 3

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