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Rotorua Grey Power March 2018

The Rotorua Grey Power News is a localised edition of the National Grey Power Magazine, reporting on the policies of the Grey Power Federation, concerns of the elderly and reader interest articles which keep the local members informed on issues that directly affect them.

Hello again – to all

Hello again – to all our computer users This article is directed to our members who use computers. WIELAND HARTWIG Grey Power Rotorua Committee A few months ago I wrote an article to highlight the importance – or not – of looking after our electronic data: photos, videos, emails, love letters, etc. from our past. They are important, not only to us, but also to family members. Some family members may not care, others may be VERY interested in where 'they' came from. My focus, then, was on backing up our digital stuff. Today I’m writing about all the funny digital stuff you want to keep – or not – for all the ones after you. Young people are busy. Same as we were at that age. Yet, as people settle down they may want to look back at where they came from, how their grands lived, or their grand grands. As time goes on, these memories are harder to find and people's roots/memories will get more and more 'fuzzy'. – My brother is a real internet sleuth. He found a photograph of one of my grand-grand-grand fathers from the 1870s. Quite a feat! – Photography was only invented about 25 years before that. My great-great-great father must have been one of the early real 'geeks' at the time. Going back to more information on how we NOW manage our 'electronic will' is the focus of this article. The Ministry Of Seniors has this to say... my interpretation... A digital will is a list of all your digital assets, where they are stored and the username or email address you signed up with. This information helps your loved ones to know what services you are signed up to and cancel the accounts when you die. Choose someone competent with technology that you trust to be your digital executor. Their job involves emailing, organising logins and scanning documents (some services require your death to be verified). Once your digital assets are retrieved, the digital executor can ask for the account to be closed or blocked. Some services – such as Facebook – will never delete anything and your lovedones’ Facebook history will live forever unless you arrange otherwise. Facebook has the facility to appoint a Facebook Executor to operate eg. announce your death, or close your account forthwith as you direct. Creating a digital will may not be your preferred way to spend an afternoon, but spending the time to do it now will save those close to you unnecessary stress and difficulties. Your digital assets may be • email accounts • bank accounts • social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr) • music and video accounts (iTunes, Spotify, Flickr) • general storage of photos and videos on Dropbox, G-drive, MyDrive and iCloud • online shopping accounts (TradeMe, eBay) • computer systems and mobile device backups As a – non-electronic – version we can offer you our 'Why Keep It Secret' booklet that you can keep at home or with your loved ones where you can physically note down the placement of your will, instructions for your lawyer, bank details, passwords and log-in details and much much more. We sell it for a modest $5 as a Rotorua Grey Power fundraiser at the office when you come in (or via the internet on our website). We are open Tuesdays to Thursdays, 10am to 2pm. The office is just behind Spotlight on Eruera Street. From March to May we are also open on Fridays at the same times. NEW MEMBER APPLICATION Grey Power Rotorua Inc. PO Box 414 Rotorua 3040 SURNAME Mr Mrs Miss Ms FIRST NAME/S PARTNER’S NAME Mr Mrs Miss Ms ADDRESS SUBURB POSTCODE EMAIL PHONE 1 year subscription (April-March) Single $20.00 Couple $30.00 Donation Please indicate if you do not want your details to be used for promotional or advertising mail PAYMENT OPTIONS Cheque - Payable to Grey Power Rotorua Inc. Post to Grey Power Rotorua PO Box 414, Rotorua 3040 4 Rotorua greypower News – March 2018 Grey Power Office - Come in, complete a membership application form and pay by cash or cheque No Internet Banking - Complete and submit application form on our website And pay by internet banking. Bank account details on our website. Include reference NEW WE DO NOT HAVE EFTPOS

Exciting new discount offering for recreational painters Some years ago now a survey of the population of Bay of Plenty revealed that some 90 percent (yes 90 percent) of the population regard themselves as involved in recreational arts in some way. It’s like this number has now increased with the growth of those over the age of 65. Which means a lot of people would like to learn to paint, or improve their skills, and experience the sheer joys of spending time painting. Discounts for private watercolour, acrylic and oil painting classes are being offered by artist Miriam Ruberl, Grey Power Rotorua’s current magazine coordinator. Miriam leads classes throughout the country, and has exhibited and sells her work internationally. Her work can be seen in many Rotorua and Bay homes, at Facebook account Miriam Ruberl Artist, and Known for her abstract work in locally harvested red ochre, Miriam thoroughly enjoys the challenge of creating the illusion of reality on paper and canvas, and supporting others to achieve the results they aspire to. You will be supplying your own materials – Miriam can help you select and buy those that best suit your aspirations if you are just starting out. Offer for Grey Power Rotorua members only : Artist Miriam Ruberl $35 for 1 hour, $50 for 2 hours, per person - a discount of 15% on non-member rates $35 per person per hour with a 20% discount for groups of two or three that meet in her home or yours by arrangement Gift vouchers for the above are also available Miriam can be contacted at 027 2487542 or miriam.ruberl@ Workshops on painting weathered textures in watercolours and acrylics are planned for March in Taupo (Art School Taupo) and Tauranga in April (Tauranga Society of Artists) – Miriam can provide contact details for those interested. For sale from Grey Power Rotorua Why keep it Secret? Power Rotorua Power Rotorua A practical 24-page booklet which allows us to record all our vital information to help those left behind when we die. After seeing a similar booklet ecret?” published by Southern Cross Health ecret?” Care many years ago Rotorua Grey ooklet which Power allows us member to record Murray all our Guise vital information took on ind the task of reproducing the contents ooklet when which we die. allows us to record all our vital information ind when we die. – with additions and amendments – booklet published then by kindly Southern gifted Cross the booklet Health Care to Grey many booklet rey Power published member Power by Rotorua. Murray Southern Guise Cross took Health on the Care task many of tents rey Power – with member additions Murray and amendments Guise took on – then the task kindly of tents rey Power – with Rotorua. additions We’re now and on amendments our 4th reprint – then to cover kindly rey Power Rotorua. costs including increased postage, th reprint] To “Why cover Keep costs it including Secret?” increased is priced at postage, $5 ” th is reprint] priced at To $5.00 or cover or $4.50 costs $4.50 per including per copy copy for increased for 10 or more. 10 or more. postage, ” is priced at $5.00 or $4.50 per copy for 10 or more. aching, it could be a practical stocking-filler. As Murray says in the foreword aching, it could be a practical is stocking-filler. the foreword “Nothing is surer than death and taxes”. taxes”. While none of us wishes the es to foreword dwell on “Nothing either, “Why is surer Keep than It Secret?” death allows and taxes”. us to ortant to dwell on either, “Why Keep It es to dwell information on either, so “Why those Keep responsible It Secret?” for carrying allows us out to Secret?” allows us to document all ortant advised. information so those responsible for carrying out advised. our important information so those responsible for carrying out our wishes are clearly advised. Purchase Order for Booklet GREY POWER GREY ROTORUA POWER INC. “Why Purchase keep it Secret?” Order for Booklet P O Box 414 ROTORUA INC. Rotorua P O Box 3040 414 “Why keep it Secret?” Payment must accompany order Rotorua 3040 Contact phone: Payment must accompany order SEND TO: 07 346 1739 Contact phone: 07 346 1739 SEND Name: TO: Cheques payable to: Name: Grey Power Rotorua Inc. Postal Cheques payable to: Address Grey Power Rotorua Inc. Postal Address . . Internet banking: . Complete order form at our Internet banking: . website . Complete order form at our . website and pay by internet banking. Include reference WKIS and pay by internet banking. Postcode Purchase Include reference at our office WKIS Cash/cheque payment Postcode Purchase at our office Cash/cheque payment QTY DESCRIPTION UNIT PRICE TOTAL QTY DESCRIPTION UNIT PRICE TOTAL Booklet “Why keep it Secret?” Booklet “Why keep it Secret?” $5.00 per copy or $4.50 each for 10 copies or more [Includes Postage & Packing] $5.00 per copy or $4.50 each for 10 copies or more [Includes Postage & Packing] WE DO NOT HAVE EFTPOS Rotorua greypower News – March 2018 5

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