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Rotorua Grey Power March 2018

The Rotorua Grey Power News is a localised edition of the National Grey Power Magazine, reporting on the policies of the Grey Power Federation, concerns of the elderly and reader interest articles which keep the local members informed on issues that directly affect them.

Garden security Before I

Garden security Before I start, I am not a gardener. I am writing this article due to recent thefts of garden ornaments, pots etc. To help prepare this article I have consulted with the Rotorua Police and local garden centres along with checking things on the internet. BRUCE QUEDLEY Co-ordinator - Neighbourhood Support Rotorua I received a call, just before Christmas, from an upset lady who had her garden ornaments stolen overnight. It was not that they were new additions, they had been in her garden for years. Local children used to come and look at them, not touch, just look. But one night someone stole a number of these prized garden ornaments. This is a reflection of similar tales of people losing ornaments, pots, planters and furniture from their gardens. It got me thinking, what can be done to reduce the likelihood of theft and also, in case of theft, identifying stolen items if they are found? First, when you purchase a new ornament for your garden, take photos of it and mark it with an invisible marker pen or with paint underneath or by engraving it, if the material is suitable. Include your markings in the photos. These photos and markings will help you describe what has been stolen and also offer a means of identification. Remember to photograph and mark your old ornaments/pots/ furniture too. In planning your garden placement of ornaments and pots, place them so they can be seen from the house and are not hidden from your view. If parts of gardens are hidden, it gives thieves places to hide from the house and the road. Affix your ornaments to immovable objects. This can be done by attaching a ring, which is screwed and glued into the Ornament’s base at its back, away from sight, and then right behind where you are going to place it hammer in a piece of reinforcing rod with a loop on it or hook similar to a heavy duty tent peg. Then connect the ring and loop/hook together. This will make it hard to pick up the ornament. If you need to move the ornament release the connection that you have used and in the new location repeat the installation process. Similarly, you could secure a pot/ornament/planter with a high tensile weatherproof wire to a ring which could be attached to Continued on page 12 Responsibility for MY safety starts with ME Revise the road rules and learn how to keep driving safely Tuesday 10 April 2018 Wednesday 9 May 2018 Thursday 14 June 2018 9.30am – 2.30pm Parksyde Community Centre FREE ROAD SAFETY UPDATE for over 65’s Phone Rotorua Lakes Council on 348 4199 to register 8 Rotorua greypower News – March 2018

Spot the difference Are you a Grey Power Rotorua member who enjoys Grey Power Electricity via Pulse Energy and who pays your power account online? Great! This is for you. JUDY GREEN Treasurer - Grey Power Rotorua As treasurer of Grey Power Rotorua, again I appeal to members who are also customers of Grey Power Electricity and pay via internet banking, to make sure you select the correct payee both when setting up your power payment, and making payments. Every month Grey Power Rotorua receives deposits in its bank account meant for Grey Power Electricity. For you this means your power payment is delayed, and for Grey Power Rotorua volunteers it means considerable extra administration time as the process of identifying the incorrect payments and refunding them begins. So, before you make your next power payment, please help us by checking your list of payees in internet banking and distinguish Grey Power Rotorua Inc. [to whom you pay your annual subscription] from Pulse Energy, who supplies your electricity/gas] under the brand Grey Power Electricity. The correct bank account name is shown on your invoice as: Pulse Energy Alliance LP. We know occasionally mistakes happen, and as soon as we identify a deposit meant for Grey Power Electricity, I get in touch with the member. Often they are unaware of their mistake, or trouble ensues because the company considers the bill unpaid. Grey Power Rotorua offers two options for refunding an incorrect deposit of funds: Direct credit to your bank account if you provide your bank account number to Grey Power Rotorua OR a cheque will be posted to your address. Via direct credit we can process the refund within three working days of identifying the incorrect deposit in our Grey Power Rotorua bank account. Refunds by cheque take five working days plus postal delivery time and clearance. So once again, we implore you to give us a break by being extra careful when you set up your power payment in internet banking. An alternative worth considering is to pay Pulse JOKE Judy Green Energy by direct debit - a secure and convenient way to pay your monthly invoice. Thank you for your attending to this chore. I don’t want to say I’m old and worn out, but I make sure I’m nowhere near the curb on trash day. v FUNERAL PLANS Today more and more people are changing the way they think and find that it makes a lot of sense to join a Funeral Plan. PRE-PAID OPTIONS A Pre-Paid Funeral with The Cornerstone Pre-Paid Funeral Trust can help relieve the burden of an inevitable event that affects our loved ones emotionally and financially. Arrange and pay for your funeral long before it’s needed. We are leading providers of funeral services to the families of Rotorua. Serving our community since 1981. YOUR PREFERENCES Knowing that your preferences have been noted, you have complete peace of mind that your wishes will be duly carried out. Should your circumstances or preferences chance, you are able to modify any of these arrangements at a later date if you wish. Phone: 07 348 3600 · 197 Old Taupo Rd, Rotorua Email: · FUNERAL DIRECTORS Rotorua greypower News – March 2018 9

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