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| CONNECT WITH CONTENT CONNECT WITH CONTENT MADE JUST FOR YOU! Our videos and podcasts are fun, free, and full of content to enrich your Sunrider lifestyle REACH OUT TO EXPAND YOUR NETWORK: Sharing our videos on Facebook is a great way to get others interested in Sunrider. Simply click Share on the video and add a comment about the video to get the conversation started. COOKING WITH KATIE Nutritious, delicious recipes blended with the host’s practicality, creativity, and humor— all the ingredients for a great cooking show. Description: Cooking with Katie is a popular video series hosted by Katie Chen, a nutrition expert (M.S. in Food Science), who is also the wife of Dr. Reuben Chen. For over two years Katie has been serving up episodes to her growing viewership on how to make family-friendly fare. From smoothies and healthy snacks to main dishes and desserts, all of her recipes have two things in common: 1. Sunrider ® foods: To add flavor and nutrition, Sunrider staples like NuPlus ® , VitaShake ® , SunnyDew ® , and Fortune Delight ® are key ingredients in her recipes. 2. Convenience: As an on-the-go mom who runs a busy household, Katie understands the value of making hassle-free, nutritious meals her whole family will enjoy. Episodes: Watching these videos will make you hungry for more. Learn how to make these recipes and many others: • Coconut Berry VitaShake ® • Oatmeal Banana Muffins • Dr. Chen ® Secret Sauce Chicken • Pumpkin Smoothie • Laughing Latte • Sunrider Cocoa-Mint VitaShake ® • Mango Sunrise VitaShake ® • Sunrider Pumpkin Pancakes • Microwave Chocolate Mug Cake • Mean Green Smoothie • NuPlus ® Meatballs • Thai Noodle Salad Dressing • Sunrider Strawberry Banana Smoothie • Sunrider Snack Bites Where to watch: Sunrider’s YouTube and Facebook sites and Sunrider University. 14 | SUNWRITER SPRING 2018

CONNECT WITH CONTENT | DR. REUBEN CHEN LIVE Dr. Reuben Chen’s dynamic new podcast series showcases his diverse expertise while presenting the information in an engaging interview format. DR. REUBEN CHEN’S FIT TIPS Dr. Reuben Chen’s video series provides expert-based info on key areas of healthy living. Description: In the fall of 2017, Dr. Reuben Chen launched the inaugural episode of Dr. Reuben Chen Live, a live streaming podcast that he hosts and co-produces. An expert in nutrition, fitness, biomechanics, herbal medicine, and other related fields, Dr. Chen has a lot to bring to the table. And he does it in a fun, relaxed way—it’s the perfect show to sit back and enjoy with a glass of Fortune Delight ® . The show provides an ideal outlet for sharing his passion for transforming lives through healthy living and Sunrider ® foods. He and his guests share insights, inspiration, and ideas, talking about hot topics targeted to be especially interesting and useful to Sunriders. Episodes: Previous shows include an inside look at a Sunrider employee’s personal weight-loss journey, the backstory behind “superfoods” (with his wife Katie Chen), and how to take advantage of the global reach of Sunrider’s Infinity Compensation Plan. Where to watch: Sunrider’s YouTube and Facebook sites and Sunrider University. YouTube: /playlists Facebook: Description: The founder of the SunFit ® Program, Reuben K. Chen, MD, is a fitness expert and boardcertified physician specializing in sports medicine and pain management. In this video series, he shares his extensive knowledge to help others live and enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle. Episodes: Topics include: The importance of fiber • Cleansing vs. Balanced Nutrition • Does Sunrider use parabens or GMOs? • Hydration for peak performance • Dynamic stretching • Probiotics and digestive health • Family fitness • How carbs and sugar add to the waistline • Tips for healthy holiday eating • Balanced nutrition for vegetarians. Where to watch: Sunrider’s YouTube and Facebook sites and Sunrider University. THE WORLD’S GETTING SOCIAL: By 2020, approximately a third of our planet’s population will be using some form of social media, according to Statista. Currently, 60% of North Americans have at least one social account. Sunrider University (SRU): Log into the Business Center and click SRU (or link to SRU from your IBO Pages) WWW.SUNRIDER.COM | 15

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