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CHRISTINE SEAGER I am an embroiderer turned art quilter. Over the last 6 years my work has explored well balanced design using a limited colour palette and the Rules of Thirds, often incorporating circles. This work is either improvisionally cut and pieced or cut from my own patterns which I have scaled up from my printmaking. My designs are driven by a desire for clean stark quilts that stand out from a distance. The cloth for these quilts is my own hand dyed fabric which I also print and discharge. I use simple stitching to integrate the work. As a relief from the very disciplined design work, I have started exploring whole cloth using mark making and text within a theme, currently ‘fabrications’. This fun element of my work can be very messy as I use various marker pens and dribbled acrylic inks. These quilts are hand stitched. I have just bought a longarm sewing machine to stitch my larger quilts. I am expecting this to change the way I use stitch on my larger quilts. I have had three quilts accepted for the prestigious Fine Art Quilt Masters competition at the Festival of Quilts. Other quilts have been accepted for exhibitions touring in Europe, China, South Africa, the United States and Canada. I am a member of SAQA, Studio Art Quilts Associates. I have been a SAQA regional representative for over two years. I also curated and organised the last two SAQA European and ME touring Exhibitions. Facebook: christine.seager …..Instagram: chrisseseager

Lime Zest This piece is the third quilt in my series based on my own printmaking images of partial circles and rectangles. I like to work with simple designs and strong colours.

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