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JANE BROOKS A fascination for contemporary art quilts and a love of cloth have been the stimuli for developing my recent practice as a printmaker. I work with colour and mark, using linseed oil based, relief inks and oil paint sticks, plus experimenting with hand dyed fabric. I tend to ‘crossover’ and employ many of the techniques I work with as a paper based artist. Using traditional printmaking processes in a contemporary manner, I aim to continue to develop a personal and original visual language. It seems that this works well for the genre of experimental quilt making because I find that I can place, piece, and layer each element that’s been printed or dyed until I achieve a surface/image I want. When I’m working with textiles, inspiration comes from many things. Walking, as well as the meditative and actual surface of the path is a strong influence plus seasonal time, text, symbols, and plants. With a background of working and exhibiting in the field of art and design, I am now lucky enough to be exploring textiles, and especially the medium of art quilts. I consider this as the next step along my creative journey. It is an exciting, fun and invigorating development. Sometimes though, it’s very challenging as well, but that’s great for innovation. I run workshops collagraph printing onto fabric and paper for groups or individuals.

Summers Pleasures Summers Pleasures is a 'Path' quilt. It concerns the surface of a path, part of a regular walk I take. I have made collagraph plates, which have been inked and printed onto silk cotton or Egyptian cotton. Hand snipped lettering has been printed onto habotai silk. The text is a quotation from a poem by John Clare. This quilt is a celebration of seasonal time and walking in the landscape.

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