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MARIA HARRYMAN My paintings and artworks are a distillation of my experiences walking mainly in British land/seascapes. Outdoors I walk, collecting, observing, photographing, thinking and writing whilst the resulting textiles, paintings or photographs are created in the studio. Walking is my way to reflect on the place I am in and also my own capabilities. ‘Place’ has many meanings; a location or perhaps a point in time or space. Walking and art are a twoway process, with my experiences on walks and in the studio informing each other. Like the walking, the making is a slow meditative process, often taking 2-3 years to resolve a series/avenue of ideas. This past year I have had the opportunity to use a caravan on the North Cornwall coast, and immerse myself in a landscape regularly. Blue mussel shells are ubiquitous, familiar and therefore almost overlooked. I collected boxes of them; it became compelling, and when I started to draw/paint, I realised it was their nuances of colour which interested me. Although on the face of it they seem simple and blue, they are in fact a myriad of colours, marks and surface textures. I continue to work as a painter but with the mediums of dye/ink/stitch, learning how to layer the different mediums to create complex abstracted surfaces. I am a qualified teacher and happy to discuss workshop opportunities on request, contact details available through my website.

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