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March 2018 Digital Issue

THE PANTRY With healthy

THE PANTRY With healthy eating trends taking over foodservice in 2018, what better way to make your newer, better-for-you menu items taste amazing than with these four spices? BY JANINE KENNEDY UNINTERRUPTED WORKWEAR SUPPLY EXPERTS Berbere This pungent blend, consisting of ground chili, garlic, nigella, fenugreek and adjwain — among other spices native to East Africa — is usually infused into Ethiopian and Eritrean cuisine. East-African flavours are set to increase in popularity this year and a burst of Berbere spice will brighten up any stew, vegetable, chicken or legume dish. Furikake Will Japanese food ever go out of style? This unique blend of sesame, dried seaweed, dried shrimp and a good balance of salt and sugar will add the perfect hit of umami to your morning eggs or ahi poke bowl. Get the workwear, uniforms and anti-slip footwear your hotel or restaurant needs to the right place at the right time — every time. Mark’s Commercial can keep your staff comfortable and equipped with a fully managed, uninterrupted supply of uniforms and workwear to help your business run smoothly and efficiently. Za’atar Middle-Eastern flavours are all the rage and za’atar is one of those multi-purpose spice blends (with toasted sesame seeds, sumac and a host of other herbs and spices) you could add to nearly anything as a flavour boost. Try tossing it with butternut squash and sweet potato before oven-roasting. View a selection of products in our product catalogue, and see what we can do for your supply chain. Connect With Us Turmeric Known for its bright yellow hue, turmeric is consistently praised as an anti-inflammatory, immunity-boosting super food and consumers can’t get enough. Try concocting your own version of turmeric tea, brighten up a seafood stew or add a liberal amount to your curry special. FOODSERVICEANDHOSPITALITY.COM

MARGARET MOORE [GRAPHIC IMAGE] Many people dream of opening a restaurant, but few understand the challenges involved with running a successful operation. This series of articles examines four industry roadblocks that keep operators up at night and offers insight into how to transform challenges into opportunites for growth. FOODSERVICEANDHOSPITALITY.COM MARCH 2018 FOODSERVICE AND HOSPITALITY 25