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March 2018 Digital Issue


VOLUME 51, NO 3 | MARCH 2018 CONTENTS CELEBRATING YEARS CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES ISSUE IN THIS ISSUE 25 CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES Exploring four industry roadblocks and offering smart business solutions 9 26 LABOUR Why creating an attractive workplace is an important part of retaining talent 28 FOOD COSTS Rising food costs have operators re-examining menu prices 14 30 TECHNOLOGY Why restaurants need to embrace the Digital Door FEATURES 32 LIQUOR LAWS How liquor policies continue to create headaches for operators 9 CHASING A DREAM Chase Hospitality Group is on an upward trajectory 44 12 LOOKING BACK Many of today’s industry challenges have been around for a long time 37 DEPARTMENTS MARGARET MOORE [COVER GRAPHIC] 13 LOCAVORES UNITE It takes a strong supplier/chef relationship to make local eating work 14 HEALTH CHECK Examining trends in healthy eating 35 SMOOTH OPERATORS Why smoothie sales continue to grow 37 A LA CARTE Operators are looking to tradition and innovation when choosing ovens 43 AUTOMATION NATION A look at the role of artificial intelligence in restaurant settings 2 FROM THE EDITOR 5 FYI 11 FROM THE DESK OF ROBERT CARTER 44 CHEF’S CORNER: Jon Svazas, Bar Laurel and Fauna, Ottawa FOODSERVICEANDHOSPITALITY.COM MARCH 2018 FOODSERVICE AND HOSPITALITY 1