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Judo In Montenegro

Judo In Montenegro/Božidar Markuš

fear was present. The

fear was present. The judge had to intervene; the contestants received a shido penalty each. After the penalty, the fight grew fiercer. They both focused on attacking the opponent. The strategies and tactics seemed to have been put aside. The initiative changed from one fighter to the other during the course of the fight. Finally, 59 seconds before the end, the younger contestant, Pantić attacked trying a grip and throw for five points. From that point onwards, seconds were an eternity for Olarić. Hard as he tried to correct the mistake, his efforts were futile, and the chances for the Bor team to win the title went beyond recall. In the Nikšić team, the two judokas who distinguished themselves were Željko Radulović, who beat Petković by ippon, and Dragan Mrvaljević, whose Vasari contributed to the final triumph of “Akademik”. The women’s finals were less dramatic, at least when the final result is concerned. But it must be said that the quality was not lacking. The contestants from Novi Sad failed, and their opponents from Nikšić won them over in a convincing manner. However, it should be noted that those who failed in “Partizan” were the very pillars of the team - the national team members Milenković, who was defeated, and Bojanić, whose draw with Mićović meant nothing.” Women’s finals: Braća Labudović-Partizan Albus 5:1 (38:5) Results in classes under 48 kg: Marija Milić-Marija Dragić 1: 0 (10:0), under 52kg: Lidija Perović-Branislava Milivojević 0:1 (0:5), under 56 kg: Danka Stevović-Slađana Bojanić 0:0, under 66 kg: Slavka Marojević-Jelena Latković 1: 0 (5: 0), under 72 kg: Zorica Blagojević- Sonja Lakobroja 1:0 (10:0) and over 72 kg:Danojla Đurđevac-Branka Jerković 1:0 (10:0). The two third-place winners are members of the Belgrade teams, Voždovac and Partizan. Men’s finals: FEP Akademik- Bor 4:3 (25:20) Results in categories: under 60 kg: Dragan Mrvaljević-Aleksandar Abdušević 1: 0 (7:0), under 65 kg: Esmir Šabotić-Božidar Ilić 0:1 (0:3), under 71 kg: Ranko Bojanić-Jovica Jovanović 0:1 (0:10), under 78 kg: Dragoljub Radulović-Slaviša Nerandžić 1: 0 (3:0), under 86 kg: Ranko Popović-Nikola Radulović 0:1 (0:7), under 95 kg: Željko Radulović- Slobodan Petković 1:0 (10:0) and over 95 kg: Dano Pantić-Dobrivoje 100

Ljubo Nikoli} i Bojan Mandi} Olarić 1:0 (5:0). Two third places were gained by the Belgrade team Voždovac and the Pančevo team “Dinamo”. As can be seen, the team “Braća Labudović” won the fourth consecutive team championships for women in Belgrade in 1992. (1989, 1990, 1991 and 1992). The contestants coached by Dr Bojan Mandić and Ljubo Nikolić won the title in 1993 as well. Sarajevo 1990. Sarajevo 1990. Sarajevo 1990. Sarajevo, 1990 Zorica Blagojevi} Zorica Blagojevi} Zorica Blagojevi} Nada Ognjenovi} Nada Ognjenovi} Nada Ognjenovi} Zorica Blagojević Nada Ognjenović Ljubo Nikolić and Bojan Mandić 101 Ljubo Nikoli} i Bojan Mandi}

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