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Judo In Montenegro

Judo In Montenegro/Božidar Markuš


D`udo Judo Club klub “Ribnica” “Ribnica" at na Veruša Veru{i The “Ribnica” team members were: Sreten Kipa, Vaso Đokić, Zdravko Ekipu Milić, "Ribnice" Ivan sa~injavali Velovik, Kosta su: Sreten Nedović, Kipa, Momčilo Vaso \oki}, Brnović Zdravko and Mili}, Ranko Miranović. Ivan Velovik, Kosta Nedovi}, Mom~ilo Brnovi} i Ranko Miranovi}. The judo club “Ribnica” was the winner of the Team Cup of Montenegro D‘udo in Nikšić, klub "Ribnica" defeating convincingly je bio prvak the Kupa “Akademik” klubova Crne team, Gore which u Nik{i}u, had been ubjedljivo successfully savladav{i contesting "Akademika" in the First Federal koji seLeague. uspje{no takmi- ~io u Prvoj saveznoj ligi. 104 101

8. THE JUDO UNION OF MONTENEGRO After the Seminar for Judo Instructors held in Cetinje in December, 1962, the plans were to establish judo clubs in other Montenegrin towns. The coaches in these clubs were to be the instructors from the Cetinje seminar. Everything was well planned and already on April 12, 1963, a meeting of the Initiative Committee for Judo of Montenegro was held in Cetinje, with the task to organize formation of the Judo Union of Montenegro. The meeting of the Initiative Committee was also attended by the President of the Judo Union of Yugoslavia, general Kronja. Ljubo Martinović- Crni was elected president. At the end of 1964, there were three judo clubs in Montenegro: “Lovćen” from Cetinje, “Titograd” from Titograd and “Akademik” from Nikšić. In this period, with the help of the UOPC of Montenegro, the efforts on forming the Judo Union of Montenegro were continued, and at a meeting organized on this occasion, a working group was appointed to form the Union and regulate normatively its activities. Unfortunately, no written record of this meeting has been found so far, the contents of the conclusions reached remaining thus unknown. My exploration of the development of judo in Montenegro in the period after the initiatives for the formation of the Judo Union strengthened my belief that, in fact, the conclusions from these meetings were 105

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