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Judo In Montenegro

Judo In Montenegro/Božidar Markuš

The president of the

The president of the Initiative Committee for the formation of the Judo Union of Montenegro, Vukoman Ćirovic, on June 18, 2006 sent a formal note to all judo clubs in Montenegro, informing them that on June 26, 1975, the first session of the Conference of the Union for Judo and the Related Sports in Montenegro would be held. The conference was to be held in the conference room of the Republican Conference of the Socialist Youth of Montenegro, beginning 12am. The note contained a draft agenda proposal as well. In the daily “Pobjeda” from June 27, 1975, the article titled “Judo Union of Montenegro Established” and subtitled “Statute Adopted and Bodies of the Union Elected” was published, which among other things, read: “The Montenegro Union for Judo and the Related Sports was established at the founding conference held in Titograd yesterday. The keynote address was delivered by Vukoman Ćirović, who outlined the fact that in our republic there are six clubs with about 600 competitors and emphasized the importance of the sport in the national defence system. Husnija Redžepagić, the vice-president of the Judo Union of Yugoslavia, delivered a speech on the functioning of the Montenegrin clubs up to now. According to him, the relations between the clubs have not been the best. Therefore, the first task for all the people working in the judo sport is to fight for healthy sport relations as well as for higher participation... The conference unanimously adopted the Statute of the Union and elected bodies of the sports forum. The Presidency consists of 11 members, five of which are active competitors. The elected president of The first president of the Union, Vukoman Ćirović 108

the Presidency is Vukoman Ćirovic and its vice-president is Husnija Redžepagić. It also appointed the Monitoring Committee consisting of three members, as well as the delegates to the Conference of the Judo Union of Yugoslavia. The Union commissions which include representatives of all clubs have been formed. Pobjeda, June 27, 1975 109

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