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Judo In Montenegro

Judo In Montenegro/Božidar Markuš

It was concluded that

It was concluded that the formation of the Judo Union of Montenegro meant a major step forward in the development of this sport in our country.” The formation of the Union for Judo and Related Sports in Montenegro, truly represented a “major step” towards developing the sport in Montenegro. Through the Union bodies, expert committees and working groups, opportunities have been created for organized and systematic work on the development of this sport and achieving good results. The clubs participating at the conference were: “Titograd” and “13 Maj” from Podgorica, “Lovćen” from Cetinje, “Akademik” from Nikšić, “Mornar” from Bar, and “Partizan” from Kotor. The judo club “13 Maj” was composed of the members of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Montenegro who practiced judo in other registered clubs. The Union for Judo and Related Sports began a series of activities on the organization of competitions, training professional personnel, improving inter-club cooperation, as well as general conditions for the development of this sport. A favourable circumstance for the development of judo in Montenegro was the interest the army and police showed in judo. Police officers were required to take courses of self-defence and were trained to perform certain judo and jiu-jitsu throws. The police had a special manual in which were described the permitted ways of detention of persons using physical force to resist an arrest along with the basics of self-defence. It was similar with the army, which, especially within the military police, trained their members in judo skills. In all-army competitions, organized at the state level and featuring programmes with contests in different military-specific disciplines (such as bomb throwing, live firing exercise, overcoming hurdles, etc.), contestants competed in judo as a separate discipline. In all the military barracks throughout Yugoslavia, military personnel practiced judo, which had great significance for the development of this sport. The daily “Pobjeda” recorded the results from the all-army competition in Montenegro won by the “Proleter” team from the “Morača” military barracks of which I was the coach. A significant role in the development of judo in Montenegro was played by the Yugoslav People’s Army (YPA) and the Secretariat for Internal Affairs of Montenegro (Montenegro SIA). 110

Kotora i Takmi~arske Velizar Bukili}. Sekretar saveza je bila Mileva Popovi} iz Titograda. On the part of YPA, a major contribution was given by general Tomislav Kronja, Aleksandar Aco Nikolić, lieutenant Tomislav Radojević, sub-lieutenant Vlastimir Stamenković and others. From the SIA of the Republic of Montenegro the biggest contribution was given by Vučić Čagorović, Husnija Redžepagić, Miomir Radunović, Miro Raičević, Milan Šundić, Velizar Bukilić, Veselin Brnović, Mileva Popović and others. @iri sa takmi~enja policajaca: Velizar Bukili}, Petar Ili}, Bo`idar Marku{ i Veselin Pe{i} Za {est godina rada (od 1975. do 1981), Savez je bio dobro organizovan i sa zna~ajnim uspjesima na svim nivoima djelovanja. Na sjednici Predsjedni{tva saveza, odr‘anoj 20.12.1975. godine, pored postoje}ih akata i poslovnika o radu, usvojeni su i Pravilnik o republi~koj ligi, Propozicije o republi~kim takmi~enjima, Sudijski pravilnik, Pravilnik o republi~kim reprezentacijama i radu republi~kih Referee panel at the Police Officers Judo Competition: kapitena i Tehni~ki pravilnik o ispitima za u~eni~ke i majstorske Božidar Markuš and Veselin Pešić Milorad Milorad Vujovi}, Vujović, prvi the prvak first Yugoslav Jugoslavije judo champion from iz Crne Montenegro Gore The expert working bodies of the 109 Presidency, the Commission for Top Sport and Selection, the Referee Commission and the Competition Commission, organized events and seminars at which remarkable results were achieved. The Presidents of the Commission for Top Sport and Selection and the Refereeing Commission were Mirko Jovanović 111

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