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Judo In Montenegro

Judo In Montenegro/Božidar Markuš

On September 16, 1990,

On September 16, 1990, in the “Morača” Sports Centre in Titograd, a match was held between the national teams of the USSR and Yugoslavia, while on September 18, a four-team competition between the national teams of the USSR and Yugoslavia, and the judo clubs “Titograd” and “Akademik” was held in Nikšić. A match between “A” and “B” women’s national teams was also staged in Nikšić. The Russian national team’s stay in Nikšić was funded in equal parts by the Judo Union of Yugoslavia and the Montenegrin Self-Management Community of Interests (SCI) for Physical Education. Joint preparations and the matches held in Titograd and Nikšić were covered extremely well by the media and represented a significant sporting event. The results of the match between the USSR and Yugoslavia were as follows (the final result: 1¬:4): Under 60 kg: Šabotić-Karpov 0:1 (0:5), under 65 kg: Stanišic-Aybakirov 0:0 and Vučina-Klukin 0:1 (0:10), under 71 kg: Bečanovic-Varaev 0:1 (0:10), under 78 kg: Niškanović-Abraham 0:0 and Haidanov- Petrović 0:0, under 86 kg: Lešćak - K. Karambiev 1:0 (5:0), under 95 kg: M. Pantić-Karambiev 1:0 (5:0) and over 95 kg: Blečić-Muratov 0:1 (0:7). The convincing victory of the Russian judokas showed the balance of power which was a realistic indicator of the quality of each team. “Akademik” provided an excellent resistance to the Russians in Nikšić. In the hall of the High School Centre numerous, viewers enjoyed the high quality fights. Šabotić proved to be an equal match to the Soviet champion Karpov, and young Ranko Bojanić resisted well in the fight with Klukin, while Bečanović, who did not fight in his own class (under 65 kg) but under 71 kg, having lost the fight in Titograd, did not allow Varaev to defeat him? Željko Radulovic fought well against K. Karambiev and the same goes for Dano Pantić in the match against M. Karambiev. Kosta Blečić defeated Muratov. Finally, the result was 2:1 (10:10), which speaks of the extraordinary fighting performance of the competitors of the “Akademik” club. In the finals of the competition, the Soviets beat the national team of Yugoslavia (3:1 (23:5)). In the match between “A” and “B” teams of the Yugoslav women’s national team, the “A” team won by 3:0 (16:0). Oleg Karpov, the Soviet national team member, was declared the best male competitor, while the best female competitor was Dragana Salopek. 120

Reprezentacija The national teams SSSR-a, of Jugoslavije the USSR, SFR i Crne Yugoslavia Gore u Nik{i}u and Reprezentacija SSSR-a, Montenegro Jugoslavije in Nikšić i Crne Gore u Nik{i}u Rukovodstva reprezentacija SSSR-a i Jugoslavije The USSR and Yugoslav Rukovodstva reprezentacija natuonal 118 SSSR-a teams’ i managements Jugoslavije 121 118 Djido.pmd 118 9/29/2007, 16:14

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