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Judo In Montenegro

Judo In Montenegro/Božidar Markuš

Before the match Russia

Before the match Russia – Montenegro Pred me~ Rusija - Crna Gora “Pobjeda”, September 16. IX 16, 1990 1990 122 119

8. 2. JUDO SCHOOLS During the season of competitions, athletes, coaches and referees are preoccupied with the activities undertaken to schedule and organize sporting events. Coaches, in order to achieve good results within the shortest time span possible, train athletes and often let them enter competitions before they are really ready to compete. Montenegrin judokas never lacked strentgh and aggressiveness; what is more, these characteristics were the dominant ones. Still, the athletes were, due to a lack of trained coaches and a great desire to quickly reach top results, always deprived of learning proper techniques. This “shortcoming” is still present and has persisted to be the limiting factor which prevents our top athletes from developing their full potential. Even those who scored the highest results oscillated in quality and were often unable to repeat once achieved results. The above mentioned “shortcoming” caused uncertainty and frequent surprises when it comes to big competitions. Athletes taking part in such competitions are, as a rule, physically fit and eventually, the winner is usually the one whose technique is more refined. Compensating for the lack of technical knowledge by physical strength is possible only if the difference in strength between the contestants is great. Montenegrin competitors, compared to others, practiced less and were less familiar with the grappling technique, which was why they often lost decisive fights, even though they were at an advantage. Wishing to alleviate these deficiencies to the greatest extent possible, I proposed to the Presidency of the Judo Union of Montenegro starting a judo school which would work during holidays (summer and winter school vacation period) and where the original judo techniques would be taught, exams for belts and referees taken, and coaching seminars held. The Conference and the Presidency of the Judo Union of Montenegro adopted my proposal for starting the Republic Judo School “Žabljak 86” and it was held from June 1st to June 10th, 1986 in Žabljak. 123

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