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Judo In Montenegro

Judo In Montenegro/Božidar Markuš

The working schedule

The working schedule which met the needs of the athletes of Montenegro was prepared along with the dynamics of activities. The following activities were implemented very successfully within the school: 1. The Under 12 and Under 14 School, July 1-10, 1986; 2. Belt Exam Tests (from 5th to 1st kyu) July 6-10, 1986; 3. Republican Refereeing Seminar, July 6-10, 1986, and 4. Open Championship “Žabljak Cup”, July 10, 1976. In the school programme, there was a daily working schedule which provided a detailed plan of training sessions. The aim was not to achieve a higher level of physical fitness of the competitors but to enhance their techniques. Training sessions were held twice a day and lasted for 90 minutes. Most of the time was devoted to performing techniques of the GO KYU system and addressing and eliminating drawbacks. It was also meant to prepare athletes for taking exams for higher belt ranks. When taking belt tests, apart from the required techniques, the competitors were expected to have knowledge of the theory of judo (history, principles, etc.). The contest rules of the European Judo Union were elaborately studied at the Refereeing Seminar intended for obtaining the title of a republican referee and the verification of licenses for the republican referees already promoted. The candidates even took tests in theory, while their practical refereeing knowledge could be proved during the competition “Žabljak Cup”. I was in charge of the work of the school helped by Petar Ilić during the first two years and thereafter by Milić Ilić. Petar Ilić and I were also in charge of the Refereeing Seminar, while the Belt Committee, at belt promotion exams, consisted of Petar Ilić, Ranko Miranović and myself. The Conference and the Presidency of the Montenegro Judo Union adopted the Report on the Judo School “Žabljak 86” and decided to organize it every year. And so it was. Each year the school had a greater number of participants than the previous year along with more significant facilities. 124

D‘udo {kola "@abljak 86" D‘udo Judo School {kola “Žabljak "@abljak 86” 86" Edvard Besak, an international referee from Split, the president of the Du‘i Refereeing period Commission D‘udo {kolaof jethe vrloYugoslav uspje{noJudo odr‘avana Union, participated na @abljaku ain zatim Du‘i the work uperiod drugimD‘udo of the mjestima. {kola Refereeing Program je vrlo uspje{no Commission, [kole seand nije odr‘avana Dr mijenjao na Branko a@abljaku Dragić, polaznici a asuzatim University bili ui drugim takmi~ari mjestima. Professor koji from }eProgram [kole se nije mijenjao a polaznici Novi kasnije Sad, postizati participated vrhunske in coach me|unarodne training and su rezultate. bili i takmi~ari koji }e kasnije postizati vrhunske me|unarodne earning the Efekti title of dugogodi{njeg, judo coach and redovnog the title of odr‘avanja first class judo D‘udo coach, {kole on rezultate. Efekti dugogodi{njeg, redovnog odr‘avanja D‘udo {kole na behalf nivou of Crne the Institute Gore, bili of Physical su izvanredni. Culture Rezultate of Vojvodina. koje Prof. }u iznijeti Dragan u na nivou Crne Gore, bili su izvanredni. Rezultate koje }u iznijeti u Stanišić conducted testing of the participants’ physical abilities. Prof. Prof. dr Branko Dragić Dragi} with sa trenerima coaches at na Žabljak @abljaku Prof. dr Branko Dragi} sa trenerima na @abljaku 125 122 122

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